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Leading Marketing Firm in the Solar Space, Solar Exclusive, is Now Offering a Virtual Training Program

Something all business leaders know is that industries and markets are ever evolving, and if you want to stay relevant and successful, you also need to evolve. Workplace evolution is imperative when it comes to preparing for the future of your business and ensuring your growth is consistent. Becoming stagnant or relying on outdated trends just because it has worked in the past is detrimental to any business, regardless of industry.

This is important now, especially for companies in the sales industry, as markets have recently shifted in a direction not many are familiar with, towards something many in the space are referring to as the virtual revolution. Fortunately, for those out of the know or unfamiliar with virtual sales practices, there are organizations now offering training. In the solar sales industry, digital marketing agency Solar Exclusive, led by CEO and founder Rich Feola, is the place to go for support and assistance in navigating this recent evolution.

Who is Solar Exclusive

Solar Exclusive is a digital marketing company with a reputation for generating unique, quality leads for solar businesses across the nation. Over the years, they have evolved into a solar lead powerhouse, generating leads from YouTube and Google ads, even becoming the largest solar advertiser on the YouTube platform.

With several filtering methods tailored to each client to ensure the delivery of high-quality leads, Solar Exclusive has a proven process with time-tested strategies. They have quickly become known as an industry leader, due in large part to consistently being ahead of the trends and evolving with the market.

“We know outdated models no longer work. Over the years, we have developed new methods in order to provide leads that are targeted and tailored to our clients’ specific goals and business,” said Feola. “This takes years of sales and marketing experience.”

And years of experience is exactly what the Solar Exclusive team has. They have consistently stayed ahead of market trends, making the move from going door-to-door to being one of the first companies going digital with the transition to Facebook ads. Once that space started to become oversaturated, they were once again leading the charge, moving into the YouTube ad space. While they have consistently been a leader on the platform, Feola knows that the pandemic made a significant change in the market, and going virtual is now the move to make.

Introducing Solar X

In an effort to help solar businesses incorporate virtual selling, Solar Exclusive is now offering their Solar X Virtual Sales Training.

In this training, they provide techniques and methodologies from hundreds of their top clients who are already successfully selling virtually. This includes all scripts, techniques, a keynote address from one of the top solar sales trainers, and even up to 80 set appointments by the Solar Exclusive team.

Feola understands that many solar companies don’t know how to sell virtually because they have always focused their efforts on in-home sales, they are resorting to zoom calls instead of other more successful proven methods, they are limited by geography when attaining online leads, or they are restricted from reaching their potential because they haven’t yet mastered how to sell over the phone. This training is designed to help them overcome these setbacks and teach their current team how to streamline business practices and enter the new sales age.

“Over the last six years, we’ve seen hundreds of our clients sell virtually successfully. But most solar companies still rely solely on selling in the home, which limits their ability to target new states and expand their targeting in their current state,” said Feola. “So we decided to compile all the best practices of all our top clients, one of which closed over 3,000 deals virtually all over the country, into a comprehensive virtual sales training so any solar company can finally master virtual selling once and for all. It has already increased efficiency for dozens of our clients, and we’re excited to see more solar companies join the virtual revolution.” 

About Rich Feola

Rich Feola is the Founder of Solar Exclusive, an eight-figure marketing company that generates unique, qualified leads and appointments for solar companies across the nation. Solar Exclusive has been featured in Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC and FOX, among other publications. For clients interested in skyrocketing the success of their solar businesses with the highest-quality solar leads on the Internet, book a strategy call at:


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