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Elton Ilirjani
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LGBT activist and fashion influencer Elton Ilirjani closes Seoul Fashion Week walking for Maison Nica

Elton Ilirjani has made history by becoming the first genderless model to walk for Seoul Fashion Week in March 2023. After decades of fighting for representation, this was a significant moment for both the local Seoul fashion industry and beyond, which have been striving to become more inclusive of diverse identities. 

Elton walked four runway shows during the event, including the MMAM runway show, the Seokwoon Yon runway show, the Greedilous show, and the Maison Nica show, which they closed on March 19.

The stunning influencer’s fashion style is characterized by his ability to blend classic tailoring techniques with modern cuts to create one-of-a-kind outfits that celebrate diversity and eccentricity. During his latest fashion show, Elton dominated the runway with his talent by wearing draped, ruffled and layered pieces that were inspired by traditional architectural designs. The silhouettes of the fit were flowy, elegant and full of personality, breathing new life into the stage with his fantastic display. Elton’s style of choice was well-received, and not only garnered acclaim from the audience, but also proved that he is a true innovator in the fashion industry.

The fashion influencer had a lot to say about the exciting event, and shared some of his insights with us. “In today’s world, a model is not just a model, but also a role model who can have their voice be heard,” said model and LGBT activist, Elton Ilirjani. “These brands are inclusive for all genders. They have a special place for genderless models, which is so touching.”

Indeed, empowerment begins with representation. Elton Ilirjani’s stunning display on the runway last March proved that fashion has come a long way from its restrictive history. Being a part of the international LGBTQIA+ community as the first publicly gay person in Albania back in 2006, Elton has since used his platform as an influencer to highlight the voices of queer people around the world, sharing their stories of strength and fortitude, and going on to inspire audiences worldwide through his organizations.

Elton’s modeling career is tied to their LGBTQIA+ activism. Elton believes that genderless models help make the fashion industry more inclusive for women and LGBTQIA+ communities. The model has been fighting for equal rights in employment for women and the LGBTQIA+ community through their foundation, Dignity Global. The organization focuses on the protection of human and civil rights for women, and strives for the representation of the LGBTQIA+ community within workplaces and labor rights. 

Elton’s walk for Maison Nica during Seoul Fashion Week was a significant milestone in the fashion industry’s inclusivity journey. The fashion influencer and activist hopes that their achievements will inspire others to embrace diversity and inclusivity. Fans of fashion, Albanian celebrities, and South Korean fashion enthusiasts alike are excited to see where Elton’s modeling career and activism will lead next.

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