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Life Coach Sofia Rose Bernardi Empowers Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Rise to the Top

The journey towards success is often an uphill climb that can get lonely, discouraging, and extremely exhausting at some point. Those who do not possess the mental fortitude to move forward may easily choose to give up, take a different route, or simply become stagnant. Rising life coach Sofia Rose Bernardi has designed coaching programs that are intended to boost the confidence of her clients by breaking down their unhealthy mental barriers and addressing their inner need for healing. 

The Rest and Rise Six-Week Program for Women is designed to help women achieve inner healing and guide them in consciously creating a life they can love with clarity and confidence. The Rising Coaches Mastermind is a six-month program for new coaches that will help them grow their coaching business in a few months. The program also trains them on how they can begin to attract the right kind people and grow their following steadily. The Unstoppable You program is a unique one-on-one coaching course that is designed to be a high-level personalized experience that will empower people to break free from their limitations and reach their goals in life, business, and relationships successfully. 

The Rest and Rise program features Sofia’s signature goal-setting process that has helped her achieve multiple six-figures in her business, meet her dream partner, and even run a marathon, among others. The program also teaches clients how to forgive themselves, understand the profound process of releasing stored up negative emotions from the past, and how to live free. The program also gives clients clarity when it comes to their real purpose in life. 

Throughout the course of her unique coaching journey, Sofia has been instrumental in helping people become the best version of themselves. Her passion for helping others started when she was just a young girl. She had an innate gift to encourage and boost the confidence of people around her, and she always felt compassion for those who were being held back by their fears and insecurities. 

Having gone through her own personal struggles with self-doubt and unfounded fears, Sofia knew that her special story could make a difference in the lives of other people. As someone who is gifted with the ability to see the good in other people, detect their potential and speak with conviction and love, Sofia is not taking any chances and takes a leap of faith after deciding to dedicate her life to empowering men and women. 

Sofia was recently named Top 30 Coaches to Watch Out for in 2021 by the New York City Journal. She is a certified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, life coach, and public speaker who is dedicated to helping men and women transform their lives for the better. She trained under Tony Robbins Life Coaching certification and John Gottman’s Couples Therapy certification. 

Empowering coaches to expand their coaching business is also something she is very passionate about. She created a social media group of like-minded individuals, where they can access tools and strategies to grow their business. Coaches will also be held accountable for their goals to encourage them to stay on track and not lose their focus. They can participate in live masterclasses and have their questions answered during the weekly live Q and As. 

Giving her life to such an honorable cause brings Sofia great joy and fulfillment. As she continues to help others live their best lives, there is no doubt that she will contribute greatly to raising a generation of strong and dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn more about Sofia Rose Bernardi by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her latest projects.


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