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Latching On to a Dream, Firebrand Entrepreneur Liram Sustiel Brings a New Brand of Luxury to the Exotic Car Industry

Living life in the fast lane is always made better when driving down the streets with a luxury car. There is no denying the sheer prestige that exotic automotives can bring to the table, and as the ultimate status symbol, it’s only right that people get access to the finest cars the world has to offer. Liram Sustiel has devoted his life’s work towards bringing this vision to reality. As the owner and CEO of mph club exotic car rental, he has brought so much value to the lives of high-end individuals, providing them with nothing short of what they truly deserve.

Liram Sustiel, more prominently known as Lee within elite inner circles, is a renowned luxury and exotic automotive enthusiast. Filled to the brim with a passion for high-end vehicles and business, Lee sought to establish mph club to start the wheels turning on his road to success. With the ultimate goal of acquiring the largest collection of luxury and exotic rental vehicles in the United States, he immediately started working to make his dream a reality. Nowadays, mph club has become a globally-renowned white glove service that boasts an elite clientele ranging from artists, athletes, A-list celebrities, and other high-value individuals. 

Born in Israel and raised in Miami, Liram Sustiel had already shown his tremendous business acumen at such a young age. Throughout his early childhood days, he would sell candy at his elementary school, which marked the start of his entrepreneurship journey. Eventually, Lee would single-handedly build a candy empire during fifth grade, selling candy to his friends and classmates in order to save up enough money to buy himself his first pair of Jordans.

Lee knew that his family lacked the financial capacity to casually buy these expensive sneakers for their ten-year-old kid. Back in the day, a pair of Jordans would cost around $150, a steep price for the working-class Sustiel family. Thus, the young entrepreneur worked himself to the bone and flipped hundreds of pieces of candy in order to reach his goal. 

Eventually, Lee would snag his first pair of Jordans, the “Flu Game 12s.” The entire experience ignited his passion for entrepreneurship, a fire that continues to burn to this very day. Fast forward to his early adult life, Lee graduated from selling candy to burning CDs and selling them. He also performed as a DJ at various events to nab some extra cash. 

Built with an impeccable work ethic, Lee managed to grow his side hustles both in size and scale. Then, he found the perfect industry for him, the exotic car rental space, which combined his passion for luxury cars and business. As an expert in all things high-end and exclusive, he quickly gained prominence within the industry and birthed his thriving business dubbed mph club. 

Emboldened by his success in the industry, Liram Sustiel shared his thoughts on the thriving space in its entirety, saying, “This industry is a living example of taking that dream of success and wealth and reverse engineering it to fit into a business model that works toward that goal in a self-manifesting fashion.” Truthfully, it takes a lot of courage and commitment to grow a business like mph club, but Lee himself wouldn’t have it any other way. “You don’t need to come from a wealthy family to make it big in life. You can do it yourself. You can achieve the American Dream,” he added.

Nowadays, mph club has quickly gained prominence in the industry by renting out vehicles that ordinary people dream of driving. The company’s inventory consists of exotic cars from luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, just to name a few. Lee’s renowned company is often the very first company in the United States to offer brand-new vehicles for rent. Coupled with world-class customer service, mph club has completely redefined the exotic car rental industry in more ways than one. 

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