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Loan Originator David Philer Sets the Bar in the Industry for Putting Customers Above Everything Else

Most people who enter the service industry often come into the office intending to get through the day and collect their paychecks, but some individuals strive to go beyond. For example, in the mortgage industry, one can find David Phieler, a loan originator who has spent his entire career walking alongside his customers through the complicated process.

David Phieler is a renowned and respected figure in the industry, where he has been lending his services to Pilgrim Mortgage. This full-service mortgage company hosts a team of in-house professionals ranging from underwriters to processors, all of whom handle the mortgage process for clients. In addition, the company offers multiple lending options ranging from Loans for Conventional, FHA, to USDA.

“We are staffed to close loans within three to four weeks,” David elaborated on Pilgrim Mortgage. “We ensure we deliver excellent customer service while at it.” 

With Pilgrim Mortgage, David has been exercising his passion for delivering personalized attention to every borrow, setting him apart from the thousands of loan originators in the industry. His objective is to ensure that borrowers are armed with the necessary information to decide on the best mortgage program that suits their personal needs. Additionally, David always makes himself available to attend to each of his borrower’s questions, whether inquiries or closing the home purchase.

David Phieler is beloved in the industry for putting exceptional customer service above everything else, which has helped him gain more recognition. His work has also been instrumental in bringing successful transactions to Pilgrim Mortgage. Among the other outstanding qualities that make David a unique figure in the mortgage industry are his strong organizational expertise, excellent communication skills, and keen attention to detail.

The loan originator’s journey into his current profession sprung from his endeavors in other industries, all of which held diverse positions. David spent years working in the information technology services business. He thrived in data center management and computer operations and served as an executive leadership for EDS and Hewlett Packard Enterprises Services. David is also an experienced company man with a profound understanding of the essential things customers want from a service-providing company.

David is also a well-read individual who is licensed with multiple certifications. He holds a certificate of completion in data processing from the C.A. Prosser Institute Vocational School, New Albany, India, and completed the executive program at the University of Michigan. Additionally, David has completed Leader: The Art of Influence Program at the London Business School and has ramped up his qualification to help him stand out regardless of the industry of his choice. His decision can be reflected in the mortgage industry, where he has maintained consistency as an outstanding loan originator.

Beyond his work, David is a family man whose marriage with his wife Karen has produced three children and three grandchildren, all of whom he loves spending time with when not working. The loan originator is also a basketball fan and spends his vacant time working in his woodwork workshop.

Although he has already made a significant impact with Pilgrim Mortgage, David Phieler hopes to continue his work, playing his part on a broader scale in the mortgage industry and setting an example of putting the customers first.

Learn more about David Phieler by visiting his official Facebook page.

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