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Lord of Emotion Explores the Different Facets of Humanity Through His Music and the “Human Awareness Community”

A significant percentage of the powerhouses who managed to carve a path toward success in their respective industries managed to do so because they lived their lives with passion and purpose. Despite the numerous hurdles that stood in their way, they persevered since the vision that they want to translate into reality was clear-cut. In the case of Emanuel Sabino, better known as Lord of Emotion, he knew from the get-go that he wanted to serve as an icon of inspiration for aspirants worldwide and through his music, this multifaceted artist is impacting lives for the better.

Known for his purpose-driven endeavors, Lord of Emotion wields the power of music to reach and touch people from all walks of life. He is deeply aware of the number of people in need of a guiding hand and a beacon of hope, making it his mission to be a motivational figure in times of hardships.

Lord of Emotion was born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Growing up in a traditional Dominican household and eventually realizing the implications of his African descent allowed him to grasp the realities that come hand in hand with his skin color. This understanding of the dark facets of humanity made it possible for this go-getter to create emotional and satirical music. Today, his particular brand of artistry is helping him establish a name in the music scene. 

Armed with an arsenal of skills, the multi-talented audio engineer, drummer, and artist is widely acclaimed for the excellence and expertise with which he records speech, music, and other sounds through various recording equipment. He has enhanced the sound quality and added sound effects to countless creative outputs, collaborating with video editors to synchronize videos with their audio tracks.

The competence Lord of Emotion demonstrates in utilizing platforms such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton has impressed the individuals and institutions he has worked with and he looks forward to honing his skills to perfection to elevate any audio track. 

On top of taking center stage as a sound engineer, Lord of Emotion is also spearheading a digital community called “Human Awareness Community.” It is an online-based avenue that is composed of like-minded individuals who do not only have an inkling of how humanity works but are also cognizant of its facets. “Human Awareness Community explores the daily heartbreaks and oppression experienced by the workforce that is struggling to find money and tackles issues, such as illegal incarceration, sexism, and violence toward certain groups of people,” the founder expounds.

Currently, the Human Awareness Community is made up of the Live and Enjoy Movement, a non profit social initiative dedicated to highlighting the role skateboarding and other extreme sports play in self-expression. In addition, this brainchild of Lord of Emotion is also composed of those who are willing to lend a hand in giving people a voice and pushing humanity toward a future of progress.

In the coming years, Lord of Emotion aims to bring the Human Awareness Community to the forefront and inspire change. Additionally, this esteemed personality remains committed to influencing others through his music. 

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