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Marie-louise Boisnier
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Marie-louise Boisnier: Where It All Began

From a very young age, Marie-Louise had a natural talent for performing. She would often sing
along to songs in the car with her mother and knew the lyrics to every musical.
Marie-Louise was particularly fond of The Phantom Of The Opera and Les Miserables and
dreamed of playing the roles of Christine and Cosette.

Marie-louise Boisnier
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Marie-Louise trained in various dance forms as a child, including Ballet, Tap, Ballroom, and
Bollywood Dancing. She would often perform in community hall recitals and take extracurricular
dance classes. So when her school held auditions for The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat,
Marie-Louise was thrilled to be cast as the lead role of the Narrator. She dedicated all her time
to rehearsing for the musical and received high praise from parents, teachers, and peers.
The success of The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat helped Marie-Louise gain recognition as a
natural performer. When the next school production, The King and I, was announced,
Marie-Louise ordered the DVD and CD and memorized all the songs before the auditions were
even being held. Her efforts paid off as she was cast in the lead role of Anna. The musical was
hugely successful, and people started noticing Marie-Louise’s talent.

Casting directors, teachers, and peers began recognizing Marie-Louise’s passion for the
performing arts. As a result, she received a 50% Drama scholarship to a secondary school called
St. Edmunds and was invited to audition for the National Youth Choir. Marie-Louise’s English
teacher, Miss Goodall, was also impressed by her performance in The King and I and decided to
arrange an audition with Richard Cooke, a well-known conductor who led the National Youth
Choir and trained talented singers and performers.
Despite feeling nervous about the audition, Marie-Louise was accepted into the group and
would train with Cooke and his choir multiple nights a week. At 12, Marie-Louise was the
youngest member of the group, composed mainly of individuals between the ages of 30 and 40.
Despite her young age, Marie-Louise was proud to be a part of the group and worked hard daily.
Due to her rehearsals and performances, Marie-Louise often missed out on special events such
as prom, but her love for performing never wavered.

However, she had the opportunity to perform at prestigious venues such as The Canterbury
Cathedral and The Royal Albert Hall in London, which can hold an audience of over 5,000 People.

Marie-Louise now resides in New York and is fortunate to have turned her passion into a career.
She is currently rehearsing for a new musical written by Richard and Dale Barron, set to perform
at the Cullum theater in New York City this Spring. Where she will be playing Lyla Cummings in
Musical Dream On Baransky

Marie-louise Boisnier
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About Marie-Louise Boisnier
Marie-Louise is an Actress and Singer based in New York. Born in the United Kingdom, Kent to a
Slovakian Mum and French Dad, Marie-Louise had a passion for the performing arts from an
early age and participated in numerous musicals and plays during her high school years. She
took part in LAMDA examinations and achieved Distinction in grades 2-8 at LAMDA and
attended Beauville Arts during the summers. Currently, she resides in New York City and is
employed full-time in various Off Broadway shows, Cabarets, and Film projects.


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