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MASS DEMP: A Formidable Powerhouse in the Music Industry with Vast Musical Experiences

Straight out of Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, comes a rising hip-hop star unlike any other. He goes by the name MASS DEMP, and he’s set to dominate the music industry with his brand-new style of music. The budding music artist has been through countless ups and downs in life, but he has never faltered in the face of adversity, and his music reflects much of his genuine passion for his craft. 

Born under Scorpio skies, MASS DEMP came to the world on November 18, 1992. After his father passed away due to various addictions, he was raised by his loving single mother in Tampa, Florida. He always had a passion for music growing up, and much of it was clear from the very start. Music lives deep in his soul, and it is etched deeply within his DNA. 

MASS DEMP grew up in a musically inclined household, which is how his passion for music would flourish. In the year 2000, he bore witness to the legendary Carlos Santana during his Supernatural tour. It was MASS DEMP’s first-ever live concert experience, and it deeply impacted him as a child, eventually inspiring him to pursue a career in the music industry. 

Throughout the years, he has gathered a lot of experience in the performing arts, performing dance, music, and live stage theater since the young age of three. MASS DEMP exhibits a wide range of sonic diversity, which allowed him to blend his genres and influences that spanned across generations upon generations.

Ever since his first exposure to music, MASS DEMP has been deeply passionate about it. Eventually, his focal point became hip-hop as he is an avid fan of the genre. He then immersed himself in the deep intricacies, details, and the history of the art form and its various prominent artists. His massive desire to perform moved him to leave his Berkeley Preparatory High School football and track teams to begin mastering the acoustic guitar that he inherited from his deceased cousin.

Since then, he has fallen deeper and deeper in love with music. He came to a point where he directed the entire course of his life to aim toward music, and he hasn’t looked back ever since. MASS DEMP embarked on the path of perfecting his craft as a professional DJ, crafting consistent flowing beats, blending sounds, and captivating a massive audience at the same time. It was at this point in time that he gained a truly unique edge as a musician. 

In his high school graduation ceremony, MASS DEMP was selected as a poet laureate graduation speaker. In a groundbreaking, unprecedented fashion, his speech included a poetic rap performance that stunned the crowd. He was yet again given the opportunity to state a valedictorian address at Saint Leo University, to which he rapped again and floored the entire audience, which included then Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn.

Nowadays, MASS DEMP has become an artist to look out for in the music industry. He released his first album along with a fellow collegiate alumnus, Jon Tennant a.k.a. Banger Beats, with whom he collaborated and selected to produce all beats for the entire debut: Mass Bangers

The COVID-19 pandemic has become such a massive plague for people everywhere. In 2020, MASS DEMP released an inspirational single entitled “Goodtimes,” with the intention of uplifting spirits during the darkest times of the pandemic. In 2020 alone, he has released not just one but two 10-track albums: Mass Bangers and Wild Awaiting. With the work he has put out, the rising hip-hop artist has cemented himself as a music powerhouse to look out for in the years to come. 

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