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Mckee Thatcher’s Story of Overcoming Adversity through Music

Many artists out there have always dreamed of becoming successful in the cutthroat music industry, but some people close to them constantly tell them it’s impossible to make it out on the scene, encouraging them instead to find a more practical career. But artists like Mckee Thatcher knew deep down that his passion for music was something he couldn’t ignore.

Mckee Thatcher is a true music lover, and his passion for the craft began at a young age when he was classically trained on the piano by his mother. As he grew up, he picked up other instruments, such as the guitar, banjo, and bass, and began to blend the concepts he learned with the music he creates today. As a teenager in Southern California, he was exposed to a wide variety of musical inspirations like the great Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond, and The Killers.

For Mckee, music was a way to escape and hide from his negative thoughts, but a mission trip to Japan forced him to face himself and realize the true power of music as a way to express himself to the world. After returning from Japan, Mckee began to take his craft more seriously, putting out his first single in 2022 and an EP in 2021. However, despite receiving support from friends and family, his father and some close to him discouraged him from making a career out of his passion and urged him to attend college instead.

But Mckee refused to let anyone dim his musical spark. While attending Utah State University, he had to put music on the back burner, but he still managed to work on new projects and release more music. After a falling out with a love interest, he found the courage to be more refined and precise with his work, leading to the release of more singles in 2022, such as “Watch You Fall In Love,” “Feeling Sunny,” “Tryna Be Like You,” “I Guess That’s Love,” and “Sweet Psychosis.”

Mckee continues to refine his craft to date, with aspirations to release a debut album, collaborate with some of his favorite artists, and perform on a stage at his hometown festival Coachella. Despite the naysayers, Mckee’s passion for music remains unbroken, and his determination to succeed is renewed more than ever. 



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