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Meet Danish-Swedish Songwriter Amanda Rakel Behind The Pop EDM Single “Magnetic” 

Danish-Swedish singer and songwriter Amanda Rakel is a new sound that everyone should listen to. While she has climbed through the ranks recently, Amanda released her first single, “Sweet Tongues” in 2015 on DR’s Karriere Kanoen where Sony Music Denmark saw her potential and reached out to her which gave her the confidence to put more music out for the world. Fast forward to today, she’s carving a path of her own with her honest lyrics and pop-edm flair, a must listen for those who are looking for their next favorite artist.

Yes, she’s the genius behind “Magnetic” played in everyone’s playlist for its passionate and sexy pop-edm production. She’s also behind the songs “Higher Ground” and “& I Don’t Wanna Dance”. Before releasing all this incredible music, her journey towards her artistry and music wasn’t easy.

Ever since she was young, Amanda’s mother always sang to her and her siblings. Her lullabies would always be remembered even up to this day. Looking back, Amanda recalls listening to ABBA, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, and Michael Jackson on their way to school. Her fondest memory, although tragic, was her first car accident which she attributes to headbanging to Michael Jackson’s Earth Song on the backseat of their car. “I unbuckled my seat so I could [headbang to Michael Jackson’s songs] but when my mum hit the brakes, I flew headfirst from the backseat into the car’s stereo,” she narrates. Thankfully, she escaped that funny accident with just a bloody nose.

Born in Germany then later on settled in Switzerland, Amanda and her siblings attended an international school with a comprehensive musical program. It was then that Amanda tried her hand on playing instruments. She would play piano, cello and guitar but decided that it wasn’t her thing. It would take years for her to realize that her talent is in singing and songwriting.

At 19, Amanda Rakel struggled with clinical depression. At the hospital, she would later write long journal entries to help her cope. It was through this that she realized she can write poems too and continue writing rhythm and prose until later on, melodies accompany the poetry she has written. This is how Amanda discovered her talent for songwriting. She started to pull out her phone and voice record her songs. At that time, her songs “Sweet Tongues” and “Into My Lungs” were written.

Her hospitalization interrupted her plans to pursue her degree, but that didn’t stop Amanda from going where she’s meant to be. Because of her situation, she realized she had nothing to lose and took a step forward and went all out with her career in music. She moved to Copenhagen and started writing music and releasing them.

Since 2015 with the release of her first single, Amanda was even more driven to write and release more. She channels her experiences and challenges through her lyrics and melodies. Her music is likened to the delicate presence of Ellie Goulding and Alessia Cara, with all the dancey EDM vibes by Alesso and Martin Garrix. 

Currently, Amanda is working on several new projects involving The FifthGuys and Grammy Nominated Producer, Stonebridge.  Slated for release later this summer, expect to be moved by more intense vocals surrounded by uplifting production, bringing to life the soul of this talented artist.To learn more about Amanda Rakel and her discography, listen to her on Spotify or on SoundCloud. You can also follow her on Instagram.


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