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Meet Mahmood Shalan – The CrossFit champion from the UAE

For some people, physical fitness is more than just a state of health and well-being. In fact, they make it a part of their lifestyle, and it becomes their identity as well as part of their routine. While many of us only dream of having abs and a flat tummy, some fitness enthusiasts work day and night to achieve the perfect body. Apart from that, such people also help many to become the best versions of themselves. Achieving such a high standard of dedication and commitment requires exceptional hard work, especially in the field of CrossFit.

Proper nutrition, extensive physical exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient rest, and a formal recovery plan are necessary to become a CrossFit expert. It is not surprising that a handful of people are able to achieve all that. Mahmood Shalan is one such personality who has amazed the world of strength and conditioning with his remarkable hard work and passion for CrossFit.

UAE-born Mahmood Shalan is a 29-year-old CrossFit champion who started his career in strength and conditioning back in 2012. What began as a challenge and workout routine soon became the love of his life. According to him, he enjoyed going to the gym and working hard to achieve his body goals. In the beginning, the motivation and aim were not that high, but when Mahmood realized he had the power to transform his body into a work of art, and the result became prominent, CrossFit turned into his passion. “I took it as a challenge in my early days, starting when I was just 19 years old. I’ve worked tirelessly to attain my body goals,” he shared while talking about his fitness journey. “My thirst for becoming the best drove me through all those workouts. Back then, I was new to this routine and juggled between my studies, work and passion. My eyes were set on Dubai CrossFit Championship, and my hard work paid off in one year when I lifted the championship in 2013,” he informed.

Mahmood Shalan, in his decade-long career in CrossFit fitness, has accomplished many goals. He has competed six times in the Dubai CrossFit championship and has won the first prize in the Emirates Fitness Championship. Moreover, he has qualified twice for the CrossFit games and represented his homeland, UAE, many times. Apart from that, Mahmood Shalan has also secured 57th rank as the fittest man in the world. Accomplishing so much in such a short period of time is truly inspiring. 

While being one of the fittest guys in the Middle East, Mahmood also takes academics seriously. Even though he left his corporate job to pursue his dream in CrossFit fitness, he didn’t quit his studies. Being a role model for the young generation in the UAE, Mahmood has undoubtedly set an example of how important it is to complete your education. He is currently doing his Bachelors in Business Administration as well as his CrossFit certification, which allows him to understand the field more clearly and be a certified trainer.

In his career, Mahmood has worked with many different individuals, both nationally and internationally, transforming their lives while motivating them to lead better and healthier lifestyles. He has even been honored as part of the Crown Prince of Dubai’s F3 team. Those who have worked with him have praised his dedication and work ethic. Some even call him “a person who never gives up.”

Besides being a CrossFit guru, participating in all big competitions and excelling in his student life, he also loves playing different sports. In fact, he has played basketball professionally for the Alahli Club for almost seven years. This rare and unique combination of knowledge regarding health and fitness and sports makes him an unstoppable force in the world of fitness. If we say that Mahmood Shalan is a dynamic and multi-talented individual won’t be an understatement. 

Sharing his secret to success with all the struggling souls out there, Mahmood shared, “The mantra of success is that if you want the results, you have to be willing to put in the work it takes. Never let people define what you can or cannot do. Every day is an opportunity for those who acknowledge it. I understand that achieving life goals can be hard, but wouldn’t everyone do it if it were easy? Be patient in your progress and let your work pave the way to your success.” 

A CrossFit expert, a professional athlete, and a business student, Mahmood Shalan is a true example of what we can achieve only if we put our minds and heart into it. His life journey teaches us to believe in ourselves, be confident in what we want to attain and not rest until we accomplish it!


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