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Meet Roxy De La Fuente: Transforming LA with Signature Hair Artistry
Photo Courtesy: Roxy De La Fuente

Meet Roxy De La Fuente: Transforming LA with Signature Hair Artistry

As the spring season ushers in the latest fashion shows, we are at the forefront, spotlighting the creative minds sculpting the future of beauty. Our journey into the heart of Los Angeles’ beauty scene introduces us to Roxy De La Fuente, a standout talent among LA’s professional hairstylist artists known for her extraordinary work in hair artistry. With over 20 years of experience that spans continents and industries, Roxy shares her experiences, inspirations, and the secrets to her success in an exclusive interview.

From Telenovelas to Runway Shows: Roxy’s Diverse Portfolio

Interviewer: Roxy, you’ve made a significant impact as one of the best hairstylists in LA. Can you share some highlights from working with celebrities and high-profile models?

Roxy De La Fuente: Absolutely. My career has allowed me to work with incredible talents like Liz Vega, Adriana Fonseca, Federico Díaz, and many others in Mexican Telenovelas. It was surreal considering I grew up watching some of them. In the US, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with top models such as Bianca, Katalina, Meiling Choy, and Cameron Jones. These experiences have enriched my career and taught me the importance of versatility and adaptability in this industry.

“Who or what has been your biggest influence in developing your hairstylist?”

*Best hairstylist in Los Angeles* – The biggest influence in developing my hairstyles has been a lot of colleagues, specifically three rising Latin hairstylists named Heidi Magaña, Simon Cisneros, and Ezequiel Marroquín. With their combination of classic techniques and contemporary trends, I have studied renowned hairstylists, explored diverse cultures, and stayed attuned to evolving fashion trends. These have played a pivotal role in shaping my distinct approach to hairstyling.

Staying Ahead in LA’s Dynamic Beauty Scene

Meet Roxy De La Fuente: Transforming LA with Signature Hair Artistry
Photo Courtesy: Roxy De La Fuente

Interviewer: The beauty trends in Los Angeles are ever-evolving. How do you keep up with the latest hair trends, and what do you see dominating the scene currently?

Roxy: Los Angeles is all about natural beauty, especially voluminous hairstyles that exude a sense of effortlessness and glamor. I stay ahead by constantly educating myself, attending workshops, and following influential stylists in the industry. It’s all about embracing natural textures and creating looks that enhance an individual’s unique beauty.

Essential Tools for a Top LA Hairstylist

Interviewer: With so many products on the market, which ones are indispensable to you, and how important are sustainable and cruelty-free options in your work?

Roxy: I couldn’t work without trusted brands like got2b, Schwarzkopf, and Biosilk. They offer the quality and performance I need to achieve the best results. Sustainability and cruelty-free practices are increasingly important to me and my clients, reflecting a broader industry move towards more ethical beauty solutions. It’s about creating beautiful looks while respecting our planet and its inhabitants.

Empowering Aspiring Hairstylists

Interviewer: For those looking to break into the LA beauty industry, what advice can you offer? Any essential hair tips or secrets you can share?

Roxy: My advice for aspiring hairstylists is to never give up. The beauty industry in Los Angeles is vast, with ample opportunities for those willing to work hard and connect with others. Utilize social media to showcase your work, engage with the beauty community, and remember that humility goes a long way. And a small tip – don’t wash your hair every day; it helps maintain natural oils essential for healthy hair.

Roxy De La Fuente: A Name Synonymous with LA’s Beauty Elite

Roxy De La Fuente’s journey from watching Telenovelas to working with some of the actors she admired and collaborating with international models showcases her remarkable versatility and commitment to her craft. As the best hairstylist in Los Angeles, Roxy continues to inspire with her unique blend of classic elegance and modern flair. Stay tuned as we explore more stories from the artists redefining beauty standards and making Los Angeles the epicenter of global beauty trends. Through their creativity, skill, and dedication, these professionals prove that beauty is not just about appearance but a celebration of individuality and self-expression.

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