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Music Duo Heretic Klick (Sin-X and Wicked-T) Lighting Up the Texas Rap Music Scene

Like peas in a pod, Sin-X, born Eddie Tamez and Wicked-T, born Marcus Tamez, have created an influential music group called Heretic Klick, setting the underground rap scene in Texas on fire. The two brothers have performed for over a decade and have perfected their art by drawing influence from iconic rappers like Esham, TechN9ne, 2pac, and rock artists like Slipknot, Hellyeah, and Pantera.

The brothers established a record label called Rabble Rouza Records, where they handle everything about their music, artistry, sound and music style. Originally from Lubbock, Texas, and living in Arlington, Texas, the brothers have established their presence in the music scene. The group came to life in 2005 in an underground bar in Arlington, Texas, at a show of over 200 people. They started freestyling, and the crowd started cheering them up, which signaled the beginning of their music career. 

Heretic Klick creates music covering multiple topics ranging from heartbreak songs, party songs, love songs, and political songs. “Our genre is more than just rap. We have elements of rock, dubstep, trap, jazz, oldies classic rock, and many other music genres for any audience to enjoy. We also perform for our community for free for special events to raise money or awareness on various issues such as cancer and underprivileged families,” the brothers said.

Over the years, they have amassed more than 200 million streams across all music platforms. Music from the group has been primarily described as feel-good, groovy, and danceable. Their target audience falls between 20 and 30 as long as they want to listen to music that tells stories or liven up their moods. Heretic Klick is focused on its music journey as a group, and the brothers have reiterated that they do not see anyone as a competition. “We are confident that we are super good with our music and do not worry about anyone overtaking us or taking our spot,” they said. “15 years and we have created music, performed at many events, and worked very hard to get to this point. We have acquired valuable skills in terms of communication, leadership, and organization. We have an extremely creative mind which allows us to produce unique music for the masses. This is what made us so successful as leaders,” the brothers added.

Heretic Klick has fans worldwide, with diverse people enjoying their music and leaving positive ratings. The effect the group’s music has on people is the primary motivation behind building the brand. The energy they derive from creating music, performing to audiences, and helping people live better through their giving back activities all contribute to their motivation to keep building their brand.

In five years, Sin-X and Wicked-T see Heretic Klick becoming a chart-topping music group. “We see ourselves making music for more people globally and getting recognized for our creativity and talents. We want to see people from diverse cultures and races singing outlet songs word-for-word and organically spreading our music to their friends and immediate communities.

Learn more about Heretic Klick on the group’s official website.


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