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Nia Long’s Youngest Son, Kéz Sunday Udoka, Flaunts Afro

Nia Long’s youngest son, Kéz Sunday Udoka, is growing up fast and he’s already started to show off his beautiful afro!

Nia Long’s youngest son, Kez Sunday Udoka, flaunts afro

The Youngest of Nia Long’s Sons Shows Us What the 13th Was All About

Marvel’s most popular hero, Black Panther has his roots in Africa. The Royal Family of Wakanda has turned the culture into one that is unique and different from everyone else. One of Nia Long’s children is showing off his afro! Kéz Sunday Udoka, who just became a teenager this year, boasts an afro as dark as a jar of chocolate sauce. The son of Nia Long showed off his unique style on Instagram and left many people with their mouths open.

While he might look like a hipster to some, Kéz can call himself a handsome young man. He’s already beginning to resemble his actress-turned-director mother.

Why is Kez Sunday Udoka wearing his hair in an Afro?

Kez Sunday Udoka is wearing his hair in an Afro because he wants to celebrate his African heritage. He thinks it’s important to show off his culture and pride in his ancestry. He also thinks it looks cool!

Kéz is wearing his hair in an Afro because he wants to embrace his African heritage. He thinks it is important to show pride in where you come from and wants to set an example for other young people.

What kind of hairstyle do you think this boy should wear?

There are so many options for little Kéz’s hairstyle! His afro is so cute and unique, and it would be a shame to cover it up with a hat or anything. Perhaps some simple cornrows could be a nice option, or even just keeping his hair in its natural state. Either way, this boy is sure to turn heads with his adorable afro!

How do you feel about Kéz’ decision to wear his natural hair?

I’m so happy that Kéz is comfortable enough to wear his natural hair! It’s such a beautiful Afro and I love seeing it on him. I think it’s great that he’s embracing his culture and showing the world that Black is beautiful.

As a mother, Nia Long can certainly appreciate her son’s desire to express himself through his hair. And she’s totally supportive of his decision to wear his afro with pride.

“I love it! I think it’s so important for our young black men to love themselves unconditionally and feel confident in who they are,” she said in a recent interview.

Long went on to say that she hopes her son’s boldness will inspire other young black boys and men to embrace their own natural hair.

“I hope he can be an example to other young black boys and men out there that it’s OK to be exactly who you are,” she said. “And that you can achieve anything you want in life regardless of how you wear your hair.”


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