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Olga Amraie: From Art and Fashion to the World of PR and Digital Fashion

Olga Amraie: From Art and Fashion to the World of PR and Digital Fashion
Photo Credited To: TheLAFashionShow

Positioned at the nexus of technology and fashion is Olga Amraie — a visionary who understands how to meld the best of both realms to craft memorable events and campaigns. Boasting over 15 years of experience in public relations and a twenty-year tenure in the tech industry, Olga has discovered her zeal in advancing Digital Fashion and leveraging this expertise in the PR domain.

“I feel lucky because I’ve managed to combine my love for technology with my enthusiasm for fashion,” says Olga. She shares stories of her journeys to fashion shows across the globe, her encounters with designers, and how delving into consumer psychology aids her PR strategies. Her most recent venture is the co-organization of The LA Fashion Show, which showcases a profound comprehension of the importance of fostering trust between brands and their audience.

Olga Amraie: From Art and Fashion to the World of PR and Digital Fashion
Photo Credit: TheLAFashionShow

The synergy between fashion and film is a subject Olga approaches with zeal. From on-screen costumes to the glamorous garb gracing the red carpet, she perceives fashion as a powerful tool for storytelling and character portrayal. “Every detail on the screen conveys a specific message; that’s the essence of fashion,” she elucidates.

Olga contemplates the possibilities that emerge when fashion intersects with cinematography, remarking that this amalgamation can amplify each industry’s impact. However, she also recognizes the scarcity of readily available information on organizing events that combine these two spheres, which has spurred her to take proactive steps toward their integration.

In collaboration with SAS Movie Studio, Olga sets herself ambitious objectives: not merely to organize an event or execute a campaign, but to revolutionize the playbook, establishing new benchmarks for the fashion and film industries.

“When you blend cinema and fashion, you unlock a portal to endless creativity and innovation,” she states. Time will reveal the new pinnacles Olga Amraie will scale, but one thing is unequivocally clear: her journey in the fashion and PR worlds promises to be as enthralling as the world of fashion itself.

Creative Impulse:

There’s no need to seek inspiration in the external world when you can be a source of inspiration yourself. Olga, brimming with energy and creativity, describes herself as an endless wellspring of ideas. “Wherever I go, I inspire those around me,” she says.

Secrets to Successful PR:

The modern fashion industry requires PR professionals to have not only a sense of style but also a deep understanding of technology. Olga emphasizes that building trust between the brand and its target audience is key. “Use modern technology to communicate with your clients,” she advises, “and don’t wait to be discovered—make yourself recognizable.”

Global Events:

Olga highlights the importance of an international approach in fashion shows. Her strategy involves merging cultures, creating events that immerse guests in a world of inclusivity and diversity. “It’s not just a show; it’s an unforgettable experience,” she says about her upcoming Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

Fashion as a Bridge Between Cultures:

Olga sees fashion as a means of intercultural dialogue. From textile manufacturers to designers and chefs – each industry participant contributes to international communication and understanding. “Here, culture serves as the common language,” she asserts.

Trends of the Future:

From Olga’s perspective, Digital Fashion is the new wave that will dominate the fashion industry in the coming decades. “It will revolutionize the industry,” assures Olga, “opening new horizons for 3D modelers, programmers, and marketers.”

Plans and Projects:

Olga has big plans ahead, including the launch of Influencer House – a community for influential individuals eager to grow and evolve. This project intersects different niches, proving that PR knows no boundaries.


From innovative strategies to a global vision, Olga continues to be at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. Her work not only defines trends but also creates platforms for cultural dialogue and innovation. Follow her next steps in “Influencer Daily” and be inspired by a new look at fashion and PR.

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