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ORO Los Angeles – Redefining Luxury with Contemporary Fashion

By The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Contemporary in fashion terms is authentic and accessible. With a good affordability factor, even non-fashion enthusiasts tend to wear it without knowing that they are donning an item of clothing from a solid segment in the fashion world. The clothing that is considered contemporary is often considered ‘The Classics” because of their subtle style and longevity in the style quotient. The contemporary fashion market catered to the consumers’ needs and wants to own versatile head-to-toe outfits that could be worn daily is why contemporary fashion is always a part of modern-day fashion.

On the other hand, a luxury brand is well explained as a brand that provides the highest level of quality and exclusivity. The Designer collections and Haute Couture lines are extremely unique and flattering but at the same time rare and expensive. They are majorly focused on occasional outfits which can be worn at special events. A lot of Hollywood actors and celebrities are seen wearing high-end luxury fashion outfits every other occasion. Often, an ultimate level of modishness is reflected when a person wears a luxury outfit and that shows how much a piece of clothing can bring so much value and emotions in and around the people.

Combining Contemporary and Luxury in One

It is not very common for everyone to afford a luxury item and that is where the ORO brand makes the ends meet and provides us with an exclusive range of luxury products made with an astonishing contemporary approach. It’s all about quality.  At ORO, you will find that even the most simple-looking product has a luxurious feel to it which makes the purchase worth every penny. The reason why everything you find at ORO is always in some or the other trend is that every product is crafted with great precision keeping the longevity factor in mind, something that you can pass down in generations as one of your prized possessions. 

The ORO brand has incorporated luxury fashion with the contemporary aspect in the most playful way. If you want to invest in a high-end luxury product without burning a hole in your pocket but also without compromising on the quality of the product, then ORO is the exemplary choice that you can make because every product from this brand is made with the best craftsmanship and utmost authenticity. 

The ORO brand wants you to feel like you own something special and unique that does not have unrealistic price tags but only has an unimaginable style quotient. Many high-end labels offer a strong brand aesthetic, but lack the wearability factor, as most of them are not to be ever seen worn by anyone after the runway show. The ORO brand has exclusive quality clothing that is uniquely made and not at all mass produced, which puts it under the umbrella of a luxury brand that resembles all of its benefits and none of its drawbacks.

The ORO Brand Collection  

The ORO brand collections are in line with seasonal trends but also incorporate signature items that consumers immediately recognize and associate with. The LA-based brand is especially known for its authentic variety of Chelsea boots, but it has a lot more gems kept in its basket. To know about what you can find on the ORO platform, don’t forget to check out the trending products below.

The ORO brand never disappoints with its collection and you can find a unique variety of designs in the top-wear segment including shirts, T-shirts, and pullovers. If you have an edgy fashion style you must check out the Rion plaid shirt, the Tour bleach tee, & the Destructed knit crewneck. If you’re looking for formal classics then the Pearl lax shirt, the Classic Noir tee & the Plaid Knit Crewneck are your go-to options. To go for a casual look, the Belgrade plaid shirt, the Palm tee & the Ciggy Hoodie will be the perfect choice for any outfit.

The ORO brand has a varied range of products including Chelsea Boots, Harness & Combat Boots, along with some cool pairs of sneakers. You can find everyday denim options and distressed pairs along with hats and beanies to complete your whole look. There are coats and jacket options too, that will keep you warm and stylish for years to come.


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