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Producer DLR VBS: How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up
Photo Credited To: DLR VBS North America

Producer DLR VBS: How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up

DLR VBS is an artist hailing from Long Beach, who is eager to share insights on a topic that every artist is familiar with—the struggle to stay motivated in the face of adversity and challenges. Indeed, losing motivation is an obstacle that all creatives eventually encounter. Yet, as the ones who succeed embody, perseverance through adversity signifies the real victory. 

The drive to create art is deeply personal, often springing from an intense passion and the desire to create an impact. When hardship halts your progress, it’s crucial to reconnect with the source of your passion—your “why.” With whatever type of music you create, remember your art’s potential to touch people’s lives. The formation and sharing of these sonic experiences often serve as an emotional salve, both for the creator and the listener. So if the path ahead seems daunting, realign your compass with what inspired you to express through music in the onset, and let it fuel your journey forward.

Rarely does anyone achieve their dreams overnight. Instead, most success stories involve gradual and consistent progress. DLR VBS suggests turning large aspirations into smaller, manageable targets. Determining realistic goals can help alleviate the overwhelming sensation that often accompanies sizable ambitions. Celebrate each small win along the way, which will help drive your motivation as you continue to meet these realistic, intermittent goals. The progress you make, regardless of scale, is still a step towards your ultimate dream.

It is commonly said that we are largely influenced by the company we keep. Ensuring that your circle exudes positivity and support can significantly bolster your motivation. Seek out mentors, create bonds with like-minded artists, and engage with those who inspire you. Their positive energy and encouragement can provide a much-needed boost when facing difficulties.

In the pursuit of artistic creation, balance is paramount. Maintaining good mental and physical health is essential for sustained motivation and success. Prioritize self-care, get adequate rest, and engage in activities that rejuvenate you. Permit yourself to take breaks when necessary, and strive not to engage in negative self-critique. 

Drawing inspiration from others who have journeyed through similar hardships can act as a powerful motivator. Immersing yourself in the success stories of fellow artists, engaging with motivational resources, and enveloping yourself in music that resonates can ignite your drive when you are close to surrendering. 

The enchanting and enriching journey of DLR VBS emphasizes that setbacks are transitory, and each artist possesses the inner strength to overcome them. Steeped in the vibrant culture of Long Beach, DLR VBS’s message is a testament to resilience and the sheer power of music.

Whether you are an established artist or someone just starting out, remember to stay true to your passion and the cause that set you on this path. Your music has the unimaginable potential to invoke change and touch lives, yours included. Push through the trials, pursue your passion, and transform lives through your art. Stay connected with DLR VBS through the official website,, or follow @DLRVBS on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook

From Long Beach to the rest of the world, DLR VBS echoes the reminder—giving up simply isn’t an option. Irrespective of the challenges faced, artistry is a journey best embarked on with a steadfast spirit and unwavering conviction. Staying motivated is paramount, and like the rhythm in a well-crafted song, this persistence indeed forms the bassline of a successful artistic venture.


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