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Robert Abernathy Band
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Robert Abernathy Band Quickly Becoming Broadway Nashville’s Hottest Show

From the classrooms of Alabama to the seasoned stages of Nashville, Robert Abernathy has certainly made quite the transformation. From traditional teaching, Abernathy has stepped into his blossoming role as Country Music’s most compelling emerging stars. With the refreshing blend of his Southern Gospel roots and traditional Country styles, Abernathy takes his listeners on a journey of reminiscence with his latest album, “Somewhere Around 18.”

Robert’s musical journey began shaping in the heart of Gadsden, Alabama, nourished by Southern Gospel and Traditional Country. The pivotal point occurred during the festive season of 1983, when an enormous stereo system and Michael Jackson’s Thriller record made its way into his hands. The record was instrumental in heightening his affinity for music, and instilled a lifelong passion for embracing and creating captivating melodies.

Years down the line, Robert picked up an old Mickey Mouse acoustic guitar and taught himself to play using a Mel Bay chord book. The legendary band Alabama, and iconic The Eagles, were among his first go-to’s when learning songs. By the age of 16, Abernathy was performing and singing, setting forth on a path that led straight to Nashville’s esteemed Lower Broadway. Today, as Abernathy regularly performs at venues up and down Lower Broadway, he reflects upon his younger days, dreaming about doing just what he is accomplishing today.

Photo Credit: Robert Abernathy Band

Abernathy expressed that the songs in his latest album “Somewhere Around 18” were inspired by his engagements with various songwriters over the past couple of years. These collaborations resulted in an impressive anthology of over 25 songs. Although the initial plan was to release the singles or series of EPs, Abernathy culminated his musical artworks into an album comprising 18 melodious tales. Receiving a positive reception around, each song has a special place in his heart and contributes to the intricate narratives that string together the album.

While hard to single out favorites, Abernathy does admit there are a few that, if he were stuck listening on repeat, he wouldn’t mind. These include “Heaven Has a Radio,” “Out of the Blue,” “A Little Tied Up,” “Beach Looks Good on You,” and “Redneck Magic.” Diverse in their narratives yet inherently special, these tunes contribute to the overall theme of the album – a snippet into the ‘good old days’ of being 18. Album here

Robert Abernathy Band
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The Robert Abernathy Band plays at legendary venues such as Legends Corner, The Stage, Second Fiddle, Wildhorse Saloon, Dawghouse Saloon and Tin Roof to name a few. Regardless of his success on the stage, Abernathy couldn’t shake off his longing for teaching. As a retired teacher, he missed the joy that came from nurturing young minds. Unable to ignore this call, Abernathy took a position at Smyrna Primary Elementary School in Rutherford County, just outside of Nashville. Educating the next generation from Kindergarten to 5th grade, Abernathy’s happiness found a new niche in the classroom, where he could share the excitement of learning with his exuberant students.

From the classroom to the stage, Robert Abernathy continues to inspire on multiple fronts. His successful transition from a retired teacher to a country music star stands as a testament to his inspiring journey and unwavering passion for both realms.

Embark on his remarkable journey “Somewhere Around 18” by tuning into his tracks now available on all platforms including on Spotify and Amazon

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