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Robert B Foster Moving People From Trauma To Triumph With His New Program

Words are powerful and can evoke different emotions and feelings in people. Possessing the power to influence people with words is a powerful gift, and Robert B Foster puts that gift to the best use as a podcast host,  life coach and public speaker.

Robert B Foster has built a thriving career as a speaker using positivity and energetic words. His inspiring stories and valuable wisdom are strong enough to hold a room of people spellbound. He’s well-versed in facilitation work, team building programs, and organizing activities that motivate teams, students, and business owners. “I find fulfillment in leaving attendees with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to be better at reaching for and achieving their goals,” he said.

Being a speaker and coach comes naturally to Robert Foster, and his journey as a life coach has been entirely self-taught. Outside of speaking and helping people become better, he’s a fitness coach and athlete drawn towards excellence and encouraging people to become intentional  at everything they do. He developed the “Speak About Yourself Out Loud program,” which uses the self-developed principles that helped him overcome the many pains that he endured throughout his life. He designed the program to help anyone that has experienced hurt or trauma and would like to share their story with the world.

Robert Foster has received numerous awards as a speaker and has been featured in many notable publications, including Buzzfeed, Thrive Global, and others. He also has numerous appearances on national and international television. Robert is all about giving people a platform to express themselves, address their pains, and understand them, and use the lessons to forge a path towards progress.

Robert Foster’s goal is to activate people’s abilities and, with the power of words, get them to propel themselves towards the greatness they are destined for. “One thing I learned in 2020, with the world going virtual, is that a lot of people struggled to introduce themselves and describe their businesses. I began reaching out to people to offer to help them better tell their stories. I discovered that people didn’t realize “where” the power was within their stories! It’s very easy to talk about the wins in your life, but a lot of people struggle to get up every day and can’t immediately relate to your success,” he said. “I want to inspire people to start writing their book, blog, podcast, start a speaking career and many other things.”

Over the next few years, he hopes to help at least 5,000 people to master their personal stories and break free from the mental prison that their past pain and trauma have caused them. He also hopes to see at least one of his children working with him on these goals. Changing lives is all he stands for as a person, and he plans to use his platform to push the narration that holding onto things from the past causes more harm than good, but if a person can be vulnerable enough to talk about their pains and admit all wrongdoings, they can use those pains to inspire other people to speak about what they have gone through in life.

Learn more about Robert B Foster on his official website.

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