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Sarab Nanra on Establishing the Empire Designs Team and Finding Success Outside His Comfort Zone

People who want to thrive in specific industries take courses that they believe will help their careers. However, life has a funny way of changing the narrative, and people often find success in fields they never expected to thrive in. 

Sarab Nanra is an individual whose endeavors propelled him to great heights when he delved outside his comfort zone.

Sarab Nanra is known among his peers for his strong determination to go beyond the expectations society set for him. He believed that he was meant to do more than just work in a nine-to-five job and aspired to make his own personal brand. Nanra dreamed of creating a brand that boasted credibility, respect, gratitude, and a great work ethic. To realize his dreams, Sarab Nanra studied creative computing. When graduating in 2018, Nanra realized that he wanted to pursue his marketing, events, and networking passion. To achieve his dreams, he would have to venture outside of his comfort zone.

Without knowing what he was getting into, Nanra was excited, motivated, and driven. He started with jobs from the bottom of the hospitality and nightlife industry. There Nanra discovered he would need to build up his mental strength.

Sarab Nanra persisted as he visualized positive outcomes and manifested the big achievements that he always dreamed of. Throughout his journey, Nanra received support and mentorship, giving him the confidence, knowledge, and experience to create his brand and first company Empire Designs Team LTD.

Empire Designs Team LTD is a website development & video production team. With the previous hospitality and nightlife experiences, Sarab Nanra was able to craft his skills and journey into networking. He currently hosts and organizes high-end events in London’s most exclusive venues like Toyroom London, Cirque Le Soir, The London Reign Showclub, Drama Park Lane before it closed, and more. Nanra has already hosted events that have featured some of the music industry’s biggest names, standing on the same stage as Travis Scott, Pop Smoke, Post Malone, Future, ASAP Rocky, Jason Derulo, Tyga, Sheck Wes, French Montana and many more. Recently, Nanra has become the face of one of the UK’s most prominent hip-hop urban jewelers, Omniore.

Sarab Nanra takes pride in his network, which has taken years to put together. At the age of twenty-four, Nanra has been dubbed as one of the most connected individuals by the leaders of several industries in London. Owing to the mentorship of Arun and Nico, Nanra does not feel the need to compare himself to others being his own personal brand, and his urge to motivate others to back themselves and never compare themselves to others. 

Sarab Nanra wants to inspire individuals and set an example where “you can literally go from another industry to something that you love and put yourself in a position where there are zero limitations and the sky is the limit.” Nanra has learned throughout his journey that life is too short and time is the biggest currency so you have to do what makes you happy, even if the people around you don’t agree. Nanra cites his family as key role models throughout his journey as he states “I’ve always wanted to make my family and friends proud because I’m so grateful for the life I have been given, there were hardships no doubt, but the best feeling in the world is truly seeing your parents and yourself be proud of your own accomplishments, and that should be motivation for everyone to put yourself outside of your comfort zone and watch how beautiful life can be.”

Whilst Empire Designs Team LTD has already established itself as a powerhouse, Sarab Nanra still feels there is more work to be done. He foresees an expansion in his empire and network as his goal is to wake up and work in an area of his choice on any particular day with complete freedom. Nanra is driven to become the direct contact for every artist and A-lister who comes to London. Eventually, he wants to share his knowledge and become a mentor while running multiple businesses.Learn more about Sarab Nanra by visiting his official website. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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