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Singer and Producer Aria Jay is Redefining Indie Pop with Her Latest EP, “When the Sun Comes Up”

There are many hurdles to breaking out in the music industry. Aside from the obvious challenges of creating great music and getting it out there, there are also a number of other factors that can hold even the most hard-working aspirants back. Representing Brooklyn, New York, is a talented singer and songwriter, Aria Jay. Aria had been forging her own path from a very young age until she discovered that she had a nodule on her vocal cords. For many singers, this would be a devastating blow, but for Aria, it was an opportunity to explore the world of music in a different way.

Using the classic Bel Canto technique, Aria was able to heal her voice and return to her passion without surgery or voice rest after one year of training. The young musician also honed her talent with opera master Judy Hages, allowing her to explore her vocal range and develop her own unique style.

Unlike most middle and high school teenagers, Aria spent most of her time improving her musical skills. The aspiring star delved into other genres by singing in a select choir, her school’s jazz band, and an original funk band. She also learned how to play the clarinet.

Eventually, these experiences motivated Aria to pursue jazz performance and composition at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan. During her time at university, she had the chance to work alongside jazz legends such as Reggie Workman, Charles Tolliver, and Rachel Z. Since graduating, the vocal artist has collaborated and toured with numerous artists in the music scene.

In 2018, Aria worked with producer Cam Outlaw of Whirling Wolf Records on her debut EP entitled “Growth,” including her debut music video for the single “He Said.” Her first few projects as a solo artist received great acclaim and recognition that no sooner was she chosen to be the artist in residence at Holyrad Studio in Brooklyn. During her residency, she worked with producer/director Janet S. Kim to create a visual album for “Growth.”

The following year, Aria decided to further expand her musical talents by producing and engineering her own records. She released the track “Secrets” and, in 2020, eventually founded SAINT MORETTA, her very own production studio. Since then, the multihyphenate has released “When the Sun Comes Up,” an original EP she produced herself in collaboration with Torna (Daisy the Great, Johan Lenox, Halima).

The versatile vocalist does not show signs of slowing down and is currently writing and producing songs for herself as well as other artists. She has also been offering both her writing and producing skills in songwriting camps. Recently, she has been invited to Ari’s Take Academy, an artist development and music business education workshop, and Danny Ross’ SongCon. Aria has also been busy working with Grammy-winning songwriters, producers, and engineers, including Chris Sclafani, Dan Edinberg, and Marc Plotkin. 

Aria Jay is set to release a Stonebridge remix of her song “Crying All On My Own,” originally released on her most recent EP, on August 23rd this year.


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