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Sonya Z. Azeemey's Rise in LA's Makeup Scene
Photo Courtesy: Sonya Z. Azeemey

Sonya Z. Azeemey’s Rise in LA’s Makeup Scene

In the ever-evolving beauty landscape of Los Angeles, standing out as a makeup artist requires not just skill but an innate passion for transformation and creativity. Sonya Z. Azeemey, among the renowned makeup artists in LA, embodies these qualities. Her journey from a young art enthusiast to a sought-after LA professional makeup artist is a testament to her dedication and artistry. In this interview, Sonya offers a glimpse into her world, uncovering the secrets behind her success and her vision for the future.

The Genesis of a Beauty Guru

Sonya, your path to becoming a celebrated makeup artist in LA is both inspiring and unique. What sparked your journey into this vibrant industry?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: My love for art, fashion, and beauty has always been a part of me. Growing up, I was fascinated by the runway and how makeup could transform and empower. My time at FIDM, along with my experience at Versace laid the foundation. However, becoming a regional makeup artist for Laura Mercier truly ignited my passion for makeup artistry. It was an epiphany—I realized I could merge my artistic skills, business acumen, and love for connecting with people into a fulfilling career.

Crafting Signature Looks

Your work is renowned for its sultry glam and avant-garde touches. How would you describe your signature makeup style?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: My style is a combination of expressionism and sultry glam. It’s about enhancing natural beauty while adding a touch of the extraordinary. I’m known for bold, transformative looks that capture the essence of the individual, yet I’m always ready to adapt and create whatever my clients envision. This adaptability and willingness to experiment make my work distinctive in the competitive LA makeup scene.

Memorable Transformations

Can you share a project that stands out as particularly memorable in your career?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: Working at Dior for the Dior Show launch was a turning point for me. It wasn’t just about the high-profile nature of the event but the realization of how much I could offer as an artist. Another highlight was working with Jennifer Coolidge—her authenticity and warmth made the experience truly magical.

Navigating LA’s Beauty Trends

LA is at the forefront of beauty and makeup trends. How do you stay ahead in such a dynamic field?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: Keeping abreast of trends while maintaining my unique style is crucial. I draw inspiration from fashion shows, art, and even my clients. My background in sociology helps me understand and anticipate the shifts in beauty trends, allowing me to offer something fresh and relevant to my clientele.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

The beauty industry is notoriously competitive. How do you distinguish yourself and overcome challenges?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: Authenticity and passion are my north stars. Despite the saturation and the allure of social media fame, I focus on genuine connections and the artistry of makeup. This approach, along with continuous learning and adapting to new trends, has helped me navigate the challenges and remain a go-to LA professional makeup artist.

Tools of the Trade

What are your indispensable makeup products or tools?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: My toolkit is diverse, ranging from high-end to accessible products. Brands like Benefit, Graftobian, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Dior feature prominently. However, I prioritize what works best for each client, including sustainable and cruelty-free options whenever possible.

Words of Wisdom

What advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists in Los Angeles?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: Dive in with passion, be open to learning, and never underestimate the power of networking. Remember, it’s about enhancing beauty, not just applying makeup. Focus on your growth, be authentic, and the opportunities will follow.

Looking Ahead

What future ambitions or projects excite you the most?

Sonya Z. Azeemey: I’m looking forward to collaborating with more photographers and expanding my brand. The dream of launching my own makeup line is on the horizon. As for the industry, I see it growing ever more diverse and inclusive, and I can’t wait to be part of that evolution.

Sonya’s journey from an art-loving youngster to a renowned makeup artist in LA is a compelling narrative of passion, perseverance, and creativity. Her ability to transform faces into works of art while staying true to her unique style makes her a standout in Los Angeles’ dynamic beauty scene. As she continues to innovate and inspire, Sonya not only enhances the natural beauty of her clients but also aims to set new standards in the makeup artistry world.

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