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The Copy Queen: Tarla Makaeff on Empowering Women and Sharing Her Copywriting Prowess

One of the hallmarks that today’s most successful people bear is the ability to bounce back from difficult circumstances and come out as better versions of themselves. These remarkable individuals have shown that obstacles and difficulties serve as stepping stones that lead to the summits of success. Such is the case with Tarla Makaeff, a leading authority in the world of copywriting. Today, the visionary has been creating significant waves in the industry by supporting those who wish to carve their own professional paths through creating a business that speaks volumes about their passion and purpose. 

Although she is now at the helm of a thriving career, Tarla Makaeff attributes much of her success to her previous experiences. According to her, the trials she encountered in the past allowed her to embody important values such as resilience, grit, and determination. Without these challenges, she would not have become the luminary she is today. 

In an interview, Tarla Makaeff shared that her mother’s passing in 2014 left her heartbroken, lost, and confused. Since she also lost her father when she was only one year old, she had no other family to support her. Immensely fueled by the desire to turn her life around, she decided to rise from rock bottom and leaned on restorative actions to soothe her pain. Some of the activities that transformed her into the best version of herself were pilates, yoga, and fashion. She also dipped her toes into beauty-related hobbies, which gave her the opportunity that sparked her interest in online business. 

“Everything changes after you lose your parents. Life is short,” Tarla Makaeff said. “Looking back, my career, while extremely lucrative, had been about trading time for money. I often worked so much that I felt like a machine. I wanted to do something that really mattered and could change the world. I didn’t feel like I was achieving impact and change with copywriting alone.”

Widely acknowledged as “The Copy Queen,” Tarla Makaeff stands as the esteemed founder of the Iconic Copy Course. As someone who has always been passionate about her craft, she took on the challenge of bringing her vast experience in being a seven-figure copywriter to help others and teach them how to come up with their messaging for ultimate growth. 

After being in the field of agency and freelance copywriting for over a decade, Tarla Makaeff has established herself as a reliable source of inspiration for hundreds of entrepreneurs, guiding them as they grow their brands with copy that converts. Heavily determined to facilitate success for others, she uses her unrivaled expertise and unmatched professionalism to share her knowledge with aspirants and dreamers across the globe. 

Proving to be unstoppable at her game, Tarla Makaef is launching her online courses, Social Star and Direct Response Launch, which specialize in online business and copywriting along with a high level of self-love coaching offering to call in a powerful business mindset. Aside from these main course offerings, the go-getter’s expertise and coaching prowess also include direct mail, email marketing, funnels, social media, and digital product creation skills.

“I want to empower women like me who have felt lost or like they don’t have a home,” Tarla Makaeff revealed. “We can create homes within ourselves, we can be heart-centered and feminine but also driven and successful businesswomen all at the same time. We can live fully expressed lives by tapping into our unique essences and owning our truth.”


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