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Tim Swindle and Scott Brown on Bringing the Perfect Game, PaddleSmash, to Everyone’s Backyard

A world fresh from a pandemic is a world that is compensating for the two years it lost to social distancing measures and strict health protocols. From binging on entertainment and joining the frenzy at concerts, to hopping from one country to another, people from all over the globe are getting back on their feet, enjoying their favorite hobbies, and discovering new ones. 

Companies across all industries have since then been facing an overwhelming demand to cater to a post-pandemic market, and countless ventures have emerged to close any gap they see in today’s entrepreneurial realm. Given this saturation, it’s not surprising why standing out has proven to be daunting for a long list of businesses. 

To really stand out from a crowd, the value proposition must be compelling, and it must appeal to a large enough market share to make the business viable. 

Tim Swindle and Scott Brown recognize those challenges, yet are confident that PaddleSmash, an outdoor backyard game, will rise through the somewhat noisy and crowded ranks of both established and new entrants and take center stage. 

Already serial entrepreneurs in the toy and game space, Swindle and Brown are close friends who share the same passion for outdoor sports. Little did they know that a chance encounter with Joe Bingham would birth one of today’s hottest games. 

A structural engineer who had been thinking of new ways to entertain his seven children, Joe Bingham capitalized on his family’s love for pickleball to invent a game that would allow everybody to have fun without building a pickleball court in their backyard, or driving twenty minutes to the nearest – and almost always crowded – pickleball courts. Soon enough, PaddleSmash was created and then licensed by Swindle and Brown.

The two friends quickly recognized the game’s potential to be a highly exciting and popular outdoor game, and quickly began pouring time and resources into creating a version that would be durable, portable, and ready for the masses. 

It hasn’t been an easy journey. 

“We experienced some engineering setbacks,” Swindle admitted. “While Joe Bingham created a prototype, he did not have a built-for-the-masses, market-ready type product, so we had to start from scratch, taking his idea, but then create a version that was mass-producible, mass-scalable, and ready for the broader retail market.”

As a testament to their expertise and extensive experience, the power duo behind PaddleSmash managed to scale down what was originally a piece of sixty-pound gaming equipment into a portable and lightweight game. 

Now, they have a durable outdoor must-have game, and were able to execute a launch that made a considerable impression in the game space.

Currently waiting for its patent, PaddleSmash comes packaged with a portable hexagonal court, a net, six poles, four paddles, and two balls. Its appeal is in large part due to it being less physically strenuous than pickleball, but as fun as any traditionally popular outdoor game. Perfect for families and all types of groups, it offers a great opportunity to connect socially and bond without the anxiety that many still experience by being in large crowds, particularly outside of close family members. 

“You have a portable central court and a net system around it, and you’re working across that central court with a teammate to bump, set, and smash the ball back into the court,” Brown explained. “Once you do this successfully, it’s the other team’s turn.” 

Besides ease of play and suitability for many age groups and skill levels, another key differentiator of this new outdoor game is its structural quality. As business veterans, Swindle and Brown are keenly aware that quality-compromised products will not stay on the market for long, and word-of-mouth from unhappy customers spreads quickly in today’s digital world. That’s why they cut no corners in design and manufacturing. 

Even though PaddleSmash is relatively young and can be considered a new entrant in the world of backyard games, it’s gaining traction quickly for its design, quality, ease of use, and entertainment value. It provides the ideal combination of elements to become a staple outdoor game for families and all types of social groups in the post-pandemic world.


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