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Upcycling to Upholding Couture: The Inspiring Rise of Fashion Designer Sherita Moss
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Upcycling to Upholding Couture: The Inspiring Rise of Fashion Designer Sherita Moss

In the realm of fashion, Sherita Moss, the brain behind the stylishly sustainable brand, ‘Moss Kouture’, stands as a cruces of creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness. A self-taught fashion maestro, her journey offers an inspiring narrative of hard-work, determination and chance encounters.

Born into a harsh reality of foster care, Sherita learned to fend for herself at a young age. Robbed of the luxury of financial support, she took to thrift stores and foster mom’s sewing kit to express her creativity, giving a fresh lease of life to worn-out clothes. Bit by bit, she taught herself the intricacies of design and sewing, carving her niche out of sheer necessity.

Drawn to the creations of self-taught designers like Virgil Abloh, Dapper Dan, and model agent Bethann Hardison, who fought the fight for diversity, Sherita grew more confident in her own abilities. Without formal training in a school of design, she depended on the internet, collaborations with other designers, and her own experiences as a model to hone her skills. A chance win at a voguing dance competition, after sneaking into a gay club in Minneapolis further fueled her interest in fashion and modeling.

However, the turn of the decade bought unprecedented challenges for Sherita. With the onslaught of the pandemic and the loss of her husband’s job in 2020, Sherita decided to leverage her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to render financial stability. Rising from the ashes of necessity, Moss Kouture was launched, offering an array of designs that embraced sustainability and upcycling, reinforcing Sherita’s dedication towards a more sustainable infrastructure in fashion.

Upcycling to Upholding Couture: The Inspiring Rise of Fashion Designer Sherita Moss
Photo Courtesy: Elyse Photos

In an environment where each new day poses its own set of challenges, Sherita douses herself in positivity and determination — through affirmations, prayers, morning jog, and a daily dose of motivational speeches by Les Brown. She bridges the gap between her personal life and rapidly growing brand by prioritizing family time, with the clever orchestration of work schedule around her family needs. Her children, inheriting their mother’s passion, often accompany her, reveling in the world of fashion.

Moss’s advice for aspiring designers is to embrace the discomfort of learning new things, and for working moms, to allow themselves the respite of mistimed breaks. With a clear focus on maintaining a sustainable approach, she often recalls, “A lot of the clothes that I make are upcycled. It’s how I survived as a kid, in and out of foster care. I include any sustainable infrastructures that I can in my brand 1000%, whether it’s sustainable packaging, reusable materials, postcards for people to keep and hold on to. A lot of my stuff is upcycled materials or scrap fabric materials. So it’s 100% sustainable.”

Upcycling to Upholding Couture: The Inspiring Rise of Fashion Designer Sherita Moss
Photo Courtesy: Pasquale Photos in New York

The upcoming year holds promising developments for Moss Kouture. With Sherita’s wave of success swelling, the months ahead are brimming with partnerships, showcases, TV shows, and fashion shows – ready to launch her lavish lingerie line, celebrate her TV network deal and showcase her work with Raw Artists LA.

For those invested in learning more about this rising fashion star, make sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram at saucy.mossy and mosskouture to gain an inside glimpse into a life of fashion and perseverance.

Sherita Moss, through Moss Kouture, has shown that resourcefulness, determination, and an unyielding will can chart the path to success while making a significant contribution to sustainability. Her story is an embodiment of hope, a testament that even the harshest beginnings can manifest into a beautifully tailored future.

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