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UPGRD Founder William Lam’s SalesGod Program Shines Above AI-Based Training

UPGRD(™) is an experience that provides a path so people can become the best version of themselves. From entrepreneurs to athletes and business leaders, this human “operating system,” or OS, upgrade process has been making waves with its revolutionary training courses. 

One important piece of UPGRD is SalesGod(™), an immersive sales training program that helps anyone serious about maximizing their sales and persuasion abilities – from corporate sales teams to politicians and spiritual leaders – learn to “naturally sell unconsciously.” 

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries, including sales, there has been growing concern about the potential loss of jobs to automation. However, UPGRD founder and internationally sought-after mental programming expert and communication strategist William Lam has a different stance on the matter.

In a recent interview, Lam discussed how the unconscious mind plays a significant role in buyers’ decision-making processes. 

“When you sell someone something, their decision is not conscious,” said Lam. “There are many contributing factors from the unconscious – some say as much as 95% of human mind functionality is unconscious. People buy stuff because their unconscious minds tell them to.” 

Lam explained how humans bring “programs” from conversations, stories and experiences into the unconscious. These start with our ancestors and get shared through various channels among family, school, media, and the workplace. Over time, they help form and program certain beliefs – beliefs that become very strong and form the premise of one’s existence and rules of life. “We often call the voice of the unconscious the inner voice.  It’s a voice that guides us and that we ultimately trust.”

SalesGod, according to Lam, is the training program that helps individuals communicate to others’ unconscious minds – something that no other existing sales program does, and that an AI-based program cannot do. 

“There’s no sales training that specifically trains someone on how to sell to a client’s unconscious mind. And it’s interesting because many people think that AI will overtake the world,” Lam said.

He acknowledged that AI has its place in certain automated or systemized areas but emphasized that human interaction and persuasion skills will always be necessary, in sales and beyond. AI can only function based on the parameters set and built by humans, with human-borne flaws that can affect AI’s performance. SalesGod creates a culture and training that allows people to have a mindset with less of those problems, and provides mental programming support. 

Even if a business is already using AI, Lam said, they would still benefit from the training on the mind from SalesGod. “This is a training that teaches our participants how to directly speak to the inner voice in their clients,” Lam shared.  

Ultimately, Lam’s mission with UPGRD, including SalesGod, is to help individuals gain mastery over their minds and emotions, enabling them to tap into their full potential. Lam’s proprietary system visually organizes the data and functionalities of the human mind, giving users unprecedented access to their unconscious potential.

Whether you’re a sales professional, business or spiritual leader, or entrepreneur looking for investors, UPGRD’s SalesGod course may be the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving success in your field and in your life … unconsciously. 

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