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Victor Migalchan and Edward Cologna Helm Fashion Insider and The New Face of the Fashion World in Search of Aspiring Commercial and Fashion Models

The fashion industry is home to talented individuals who consistently push the envelope of the art form. Many aspiring individuals have sought to be part of this prestigious industry, but only a few have truly succeeded. Fortunately, Victor Migalchan, Edward Cologna and a team of creative individuals and professionals in the world of fashion are creating a show entitled “Fashion Insider,” focusing on looking for talents and helping them make a name for themselves in the industry.

The “Fashion Insider” team comprises renowned professionals such as fashion stylists Bleu Drake, makeup artist Chelsea Carreira, fashion photographer Alina Z, and modeling coach Sunessis De Brito. The producers together with the experts will scout new talents and prepare them to book modeling jobs in print, internet, video, and commercial opportunities. The show is produced by Movieverse Entertainment and Cologna Productions. 

Victor Migalchan, together with Cologna Productions and Monique – the host of the London Fashion Week, the UK Team, is also cooking up yet another fashion TV Show dubbed “The New Face of the Fashion World,” which will be focused on the search for talents and helping them establish themselves in the world of high fashion. They will also get an international platform, built on partnership of the US team and Creative Industry Awards.

“The New Face of the Fashion World” will prominently feature European Authentic Classic and Modern Fashion. The production team has expressed interest in holding casting calls across various cities in the United States, where candidates will be chosen by their American and European experts and coached by esteemed European fashion coaches and designers. The final participation will culminate in a European Fashion Show organized in Los Angeles. The team is also considering holding a European Fashion Show in Las Vegas, NV. 

When asked what truly motivated him to create this show, Victor Migalchan replied: “Fashion Insider is a show that aims to teach those who have a dream to become models how to become a working commercial model. The New Face of the Fashion World will help enter the world of high fashion. After meeting many people who have this dream, we saw what misconceptions and needs they have; thus, the inspiration just came from within. Plus, we are happy to partner up with Creative Industry Awards (UK) and give our talents an international platform.” With his partner, mentor, and true friend Edward Cologna, Victor is creating quality TV content poised to capture a massive worldwide audience.

“Fashion Insider” is straight to the point, giving the show a nice sense of pace and rhythm. Each mentor possesses an incredible personality along with life stories and insights, which are extremely valuable. The show’s creators also partner with Creative Industry Awards to give a valuable intercontinental connection for the participants. 

“Fashion Insider” and “The New Face of the Fashion World” will be unlike any other fashion TV show. Victor Migalchan and Edward Cologna pride themselves on creating a healthy environment for their candidates rather than stirring up some drama for television ratings. “Yes, we all know that the audience loves to see drama; we might have some naturally. However, all aspects of the show promise quality above all else. We don’t want to create toxic shows which will bring negativity to our viewers. Together with Mr. Edward Cologna, we work on a healthy environment and quality content. We want to bring value to the designers, to the participants and viewers so they can learn from professionals regarding the ins and outs of the industry,” shared Victor Migalchan. 


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