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Yaaganix Naturals Provides The Perfectly Blended Organic Formulas For Your Skin

With the beauty industry shuffling between unfamiliar emerging trends, Yaaganix Naturals is here to provide you with safe and careful options. The family run business is committed to producing vegan, organic and cruelty free products for skin and body care. Founded in 2019 by Candace Renee Rice who is a tv personality, model and a content creator, the company started off as a home-based business interested in formulating organic skin care for everyday skin-care problems. Now, the brand has grown to become a local and online business catering to the self-care needs of a wide customer base.

The story of Yaaganix Naturals started when Candace Renee Rice was a college student struggling to find effective skin care solutions for her dry skin. Testing out various products seemed like a time consuming and risky process, given their composition would be based on harsh chemicals with unknown side effects. She soon realized that the key was to explore natural beauty ingredients, and create a perfect fusion that could be safely tested. Candace learned how to combine different plant extractions to create mixtures that could heal and beautify the skin naturally. The process took her almost a year of learning and testing to formulate combinations that were perfect. Today, she is a certified creator of all natural skin care products, with her brand, Yaaganix Naturals specializing in self care. 

Yaaganix Naturals sells a diverse collection of self care products ranging from lotions and cleansers, to soaps and candles. Each one of these items is a blend of nature’s beauty secrets with luxury. This organic skincare line is also paraben and talc-free, ruling out the possibility of any long-term harmful effects on the skin. Formulas are produced in small batches to test on every skin type. This not only helps them create the perfect mix ideal for different skin textures, but also ensures potency and consistency. Yaaganix Natural has created a variety for everyone, with their baby line exclusively made to nourish the sensitive skin of children. It includes the pH balanced,hypoallergenic and fragrance-free Elder-Blueberry Foaming Wash and body lotions that are suitable for their fragile skin. All the products are created to preserve the skin’s natural beauty through the use of organically healing raw materials.

The company is also based on an ethical business model; which is why every step of the process is environment friendly and cruelty-free. The evaluation of product quality does not rely on animal testing methods. Moreover, the use of harsh chemicals is strictly avoided. Yaaganix Naturals believes in giving back to the community, which is why a percentage of the monthly  profits is reserved for charity. 

Yaaganix Naturals has successfully created a family run business that creates handcrafted and hand-packaged self care products serving a diverse range of customers. The fact that every product is curated with Earth’s finest ingredients makes it safe to be tried, with a high probability of desired results. Moreover, these products are perfect for an organic and environment friendly lifestyle.

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