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Emily Flood: Introducing a New Paradigm in Women’s Health and Fitness
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Emily Flood: Introducing a New Paradigm in Women’s Health and Fitness

By: Joshua Smith

Health and wellness is a vast and constantly evolving industry. Emily Flood, the founder of Fitness Witchcraft, stands as a force as she challenges the boundaries of what’s possible, creating a transformative experience for women around the globe. Her journey from a traditional fitness coach to a spiritual healer is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the magic of embracing one’s true self.

Flood’s path to becoming a fitness witch was a complex one. Born and raised in suburban Texas, Flood always felt a sense of not belonging. This feeling led her to begin a quest for self-discovery. Her journey took her from the classrooms of France, where she taught English, to the world of bodybuilding, where she found temporary belonging as a fitness influencer. However, it was not until she faced the depths of depression and the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship that Flood indeed found her calling.

The turning point came when Flood reconnected with her childhood fascination with witchcraft. She had avoided this fascination in the past for fear of the stigmas associated with it. But as she delved deeper into the mystical world, she found solace and empowerment in tarot cards, crystals, and the guidance of her deities. This newfound connection with her inner self and the universe led her to merge her passion for fitness with her spiritual practice, giving birth to Fitness Witchcraft.

At the heart of Fitness Witchcraft lies the integration of depth psychology and spirituality. Flood explains, “It all helps you to tap into your subconscious mind.” Combining fitness with other modalities, she helps her clients rewire their subconscious beliefs and envision themselves in the future as empowered individuals. “They start acting like them, and their bodies start to create a sense of safety energetically,” she says, underscoring the transformative power of her approach.

Flood’s personal experience with narcissistic abuse has deeply informed her work. She describes the toxic dynamics of her past relationship, where she was made to feel small and constantly anxious. Through her healing journey, Flood discovered the empowering effects of float tank meditations and experienced mindset shifts that helped her reconnect with her inner self. “I would leave my float tank sessions feeling like I was a warrior goddess,” she says, emphasizing the profound impact of these practices on her recovery and growth.

Flood’s mission is to empower women. She especially loves helping those who have experienced trauma reconnect with their bodies and intuition. She helps her clients connect more deeply with their subconscious using spiritual journeys, which are designed to foster a sense of unconditional love and support. “These women, when we’re going on these journeys, they’re being told that they are worthy, that it is possible for them,” Flood shares, highlighting the deep emotional healing that is possible through this process.

One of the critical elements of her program is a quiz, which helps to identify potentially unfavorable habits and behaviors in her client’s health and fitness routines. This personalized approach allows Flood to tailor her guidance to each individual’s needs, helping to empower them to reach their goals.

One of the compelling aspects of Flood’s methodology is her ability to explain the modalities with scientific understanding. She loves referencing the basis of psychology and quantum physics to explain her practices. “I have so much fun keeping up on the science behind all of it and sharing that with my clients,” Flood says, ensuring that her clients’ logic is on board with the practices. This approach helps her clients understand and trust the process.

Flood’s vision for the future of Fitness Witchcraft is expansive and ambitious. She sees her program as a catalyst for a ripple effect of magic and empowerment worldwide. She intends to deepen her knowledge and skills and tackle even the most complex health issues that may have spiritual underpinnings. Her commitment to learning and growth ensures that her program remains cutting-edge and deeply impactful.

Emily Flood inspires hope and empowerment in the health and wellness industry. Her unique blend of fitness and witchcraft, grounded in ancient wisdom and modern science, offers a transformative path for women seeking to heal and grow from their traumas. As she continues to expand her reach and deepen her knowledge, there is no doubt that Flood’s impact will be felt by countless women embarking on their journey to become the warrior goddesses they’re meant to be.

In a world where the lines between the physical and spiritual are often rigidly drawn, Flood’s Fitness Witchcraft shatters boundaries. Her program offers a holistic approach to wellness that honors the complexity and depth of the human experience. Her story is a testament to the power of self-discovery, the magic of embracing one’s true self, and the transformative potential of blending ancient wisdom with modern practice. Emily Flood is not just changing lives; she’s redefining what it means to heal and thrive in harmony with one’s body and spirit.


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