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Dark Joseph Ravine
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Entrepreneur Dark Joseph Ravine Creates Business Based on Kindness

Business can’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Seasoned entrepreneur Dark Joseph Ravine knows this all too well. The business world forces you to put your serious thinking cap on to innovate, beat out your competition, and succeed. It can be very isolating, even dehumanizing at times, because of how emotionless the business world has become. However, Ravine firmly believes in his mission statement, which suggests that kindness conquers all, even in a market consumed by numbers and goal setting. His brand, Kindness for Success, proves that you can achieve your metrics goals and promote positivity. Ravine even released a children’s book to prove his point. You don’t need a huge team behind you to do it, either.

“I’m not a solopreneur,” says Ravine. “Still, my brand isn’t huge regarding the number of employees we’ve hired. We’re still tiny. Our sales, though, are great as well as our operation costs.” 

Kindness For Success hosts memorabilia like t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more. Ravine hopes that as his brand grows, his ideas will continue to reflect his mission statement. It’s not just a slogan for him, it’s a lifestyle. Kindness can manifest in large and small ways, and he has found ways to be kind both online and off. He’s never been focused solely on the money-making aspect of it, but he’s found that people deeply resonate with his message, generating more authentic income over time.

“I don’t want to be one of those guys that preaches kindness but doesn’t walk the walk,” he says. “If someone sees me in public and says hi, I take the time out of my day to create a connection. I can’t imagine being someone’s ‘don’t meet your heroes’ story.”

Therefore, he pays it forward with his brand as often as possible. Thankfully, his unique brand has given him ample room to pay it forward in surprising ways. For example, they host frequent giveaways. This is both a great business strategy and an amazing way to put Ravine’s mission into action. People love winning high-ticket items; Ravine has learned very quickly that winning something special can brighten someone’s day within seconds. Recently, Kindness for Success gave away a coveted PS5.

Experts have suggested that giveaways are a great strategy. Not only do they excite long-term fans, but they’re a great way to convert leads into long-term fans. Algorithms, such as standard SEO, will pick up on keywords like “free PS5.” This, of course, instantly generates thousands of unique leads to your site or social media pages. People are looking for free goodies all the time, and if the odds seem good, they’ll stay following you for more opportunities. Ravine has mastered this art, cultivating a community that goes beyond the giveaways, staying for his uplifting content and positive messages. With a brand like Kindness for Success, it’s easy to see how potential leads flow effortlessly along Ravine’s perfectly curated sales pipeline.

While Ravine never saw himself becoming a business mogul in his earliest stages, it’s no secret how he became one so quickly. With time, one could only imagine Ravine becoming a household name.

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