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Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez, the Insane Content Creator

The founder of The Mind of Rey Rey®, Rey Rey Rodriguez has been called many things—photographer, visual artist, entrepreneur, content creator, and a few other names. But sane has never been one of them. Rey Rey is best known for his artistic style that dwells on a darker side, which is inspired by his life experiences and past surroundings. He successfully captures the essence of pain, violence, and lust in his collections of dark, erotic, violent, and other types of photography, which is visible in his prominent works. 

His collection of horror, combat sports, fetish, and other controversial photoshoots, have caused his social media accounts in the past to be shut down, frozen, restricted, and have even had their verification badges removed as punishment. Facebook, Twitter, even old school MySpace have forgiven him, but Instagram and Pinterest still seem to hold a grudge. One banned image had a priest and a rabbi shooting zombies in a cemetery. Another had a demon-possessed nun wearing stockings and high heels straddling a crying monk. One of the last photos banned had a giant bunny breaking and entering into Santa’s bedroom while he lied in bed with Mrs. Santa.

As strange and mysterious as his collections of creations are, Rey Rey Rodriguez himself maintains a similar persona. An article in GQ Magazine described him as, “A mysterious art creator, known to work from behind the scenes, who disappears quietly for long periods of time, then emerges out of nowhere with dozens of completed projects, only to once again vanish from the public eye.” The reclusive artist’s personality is juxtaposed by his website’s motto, “With this site I have planted my seed, you’re now infected with my artistic disease,” and his marketing campaigns which generate an enormous amount of attention. Past campaigns have mentioned his possible death, while others around the same timeframe mentioned rumors of new projects on the rise, which caused confusion and forced viewers to do a more thorough search on Rey Rey.

Whether he’s insane, or whether it’s all an act, Rey Rey Rodriguez has worked alongside many renowned celebrities, athletes, and other notable figures, and his dark and macabre styled works speak for themselves and have gained a massive online following.You can visit his website and follow Rey Rey Rodriguez on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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