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Ideas for Decorating Your Patio to Be Used in the Summer

Ideas for Decorating Your Patio to Be Used in the Summer

By: Viraj Shah

Summer calls for time on the patio, relaxing with a favorite beverage. After a long winter; however, the patio may not be in the right condition. Here are the ideas for decorating your patio for the summer.

Sun Protection

People commonly use sun umbrellas for sun protection. However, umbrellas or other methods only cover a small area. Consider using curtains instead. They will give your patio a new look. Choose curtains specifically for outdoors that have UV protection and are waterproof. You can open or close them depending on the location of the sun. Curtains also add a hint of privacy.

Summer Nights Call for Lighting

There is a difference between the lights on your house and the lighting you want to use on the patio. Regular outdoor light is harsh and bright. You want to create a cozy atmosphere for after dark. You want your lighting to be soft and intimate. Fairy string lights, lanterns, and solar planter lights are all options. If you are decorating with a theme, purchase themed novelty lights for a touch of whimsy.

Decorative Pillows and Rug

Whether you want to decorate with a tropical theme or something simple, pillows and a rug will pull the look together. Outdoor rugs are weather-resistant and are easy to keep clean and can be spot-cleaned with soap and water and vacuumed.

There is no such thing as too many pillows. You want plenty to make sitting outside comfortable. Kids, especially, may want to use pillows on the floor while playing games or reading.

A Beverage Cart

When relaxing, you do not want to go inside to get refreshments. Instead, load a beverage cart with the fixings for your favorite cocktail or drink. Add some fun snacks, and suddenly, your patio now feels festive. Once you finish for the day, you can easily roll the cart back inside. If you do not want a cart, it is easy to make a beverage station. Use a small table and add a tablecloth or paint it to make the patio decor.


Save those camping chairs and folding tables for the next family campout. Instead, an outdoor bench and chairs will add ambiance to the patio. Consider a table for playing games or for putting food. Other furniture to consider is a porch swing and a nice rocking chair.

Flowers and Feeders

One of the easiest ways to add a splash of color to the patio is with flowers and plants. Consider planters filled with no-fuss flowers like petunias. If you want to attract wildlife like butterflies, plants, including butterfly bushes and zinnias, are ideal. Hibiscus and geraniums attract hummingbirds. For bird lovers, do not forget to add feeders. Take your morning coffee outside and enjoy the wildlife.

A Water Feature

Imagine sitting on your patio with the relaxing sound of water in the background. A small fountain will add to the look of the patio while helping to create a stress-free environment. Water fountains come in all sizes, from simple tabletop versions to fountains that are big enough to be placed in the patio’s corner.


Published By: Aize Perez

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