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Cell To CEO: Dawn Chamberlain: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of a Resilient Entrepreneur
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Cell To CEO: Dawn Chamberlain: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of a Resilient Entrepreneur

Dawn Michelle Chamberlain’s journey stands as a testament to resilience and transformation. Her path through two years, two months, two weeks, and two days in a federal prison wasn’t a period of defeat, but a stepping stone towards a life-changing turnaround.

In 2004, Chamberlain was at the pinnacle of her career. As the CEO of a thriving tax preparation agency, her knack for financial planning and tax management brought substantial financial empowerment to her community. However, her relentless pursuit to provide even larger tax returns for her clients took her down a slippery slope of unethical choices, ultimately leading to her downfall.

Her questionable strategies attracted the attention of the authorities, and in 2008, she found herself embroiled in a five-year investigation for tax fraud against the United States. Her indictment in 2013 and subsequent incarceration in 2014 marked the end of her once thriving career and the beginning of an isolating prison sentence.

However, Chamberlain’s story didn’t end there. Upon her release in 2016, she rose from the ashes, as determined and helpful as ever, but now fortified with a new sense of purpose and a fiercer resolve. She emerged as a role model in her community, an internationally recognized keynote speaker, master trainer, coach, and author. She embarked on a mission to motivate business owners to step up, overcome hurdles, and thrive in their ventures.

Today, Chamberlain is the successful CEO of Dawn Michelle Enterprises Inc., and Chief Visionary Officer of the Felon Friendly Foundation, where she assists clients in maximizing their potential and achieving business success. She also established the No Hustle University, a revolutionary coaching program that equips entrepreneurs with necessary business knowledge and skills.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Chamberlain has become a stalwart advocate of the Second Chance Act, emphasizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for individuals who have had encounters with the justice system. As Chairperson of the Hooper Councill Positive Potential Project, she tirelessly works to support the reintegration of high-risk individuals into the community.

With her upcoming TV series on the Onstage Plus Network and her soon-to-be-published book, “Stop Playing! Get Your Shiii Together: From Fed Life to Legit Business Life”, Chamberlain continues to inspire and motivate. Her book aims to guide readers towards building thriving businesses, regardless of past experiences or current circumstances.

Dawn Chamberlain’s story — from a successful CEO to a federal prisoner, and now a triumphant entrepreneur and motivator — exemplifies the true spirit of resilience. It’s a call to action for everyone to embrace their inner fierceness and Choose L.I.F.E. (Live In Fierceness Everyday).

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You can connect with Dawn at, or Facebook: DawnChamberlain / Instagram: @coachdawnmichelle / Linked In: @coachdawnmichelle / Tik Tok: @coachdawnmichelle or @Iamfelonfriendly on all social media platforms.


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