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The Expert Influence: Discover the Power of Authority with Dr. Tami Patzer

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The prestigious title of “influencer” or “innovator” is not self-awarded. Instead, it is earned based on the potency of your messaging, your ingenious solutions, and their positive impact on others.

Dr. Tamara “Tami” Patzer embodies these titles and is known for her work with Blue Ocean Authority and her dedication to boosting individuals’ and organizations’ influence and effectiveness in communication. With two decades of experience, Dr. Patzer has helped everyone, from everyday people to cultural luminaries, confidently present their message before a camera or roundtable discussions.

At the zenith of her career, Dr. Patzer is the CEO of Blue Ocean Authority, working to cultivate innovation in organizations. Beyond her consultation, she is actively sharing her knowledge with the larger business ecosystem by speaking at international conferences about fostering innovation and crafting strategies for success in a highly competitive business environment. She is also an advisor, helping businesses navigate their way to growth and triumph.

Innovative strategy mastery isn’t her only prominent credential. She is also the founder of Daily Success Institute, where she has worked with individuals from various walks of life, helping them identify their strengths and target their goals. Her unique approach to merging traditional coaching techniques with contemporary neuroscience research has seen her clients achieve enduring success. 

However, Dr. Patzer’s influence extends beyond her private consultations and institutional engagements. She believes in the power of books as tools for enhancing influence and authority. Powerful narratives can serve as catalysts toward becoming an authority in one’s field. To this end, she has developed a comprehensive program, Guaranteed TV, which combines traditional media with the new to yield impactful results.

Dr. Patzer has helped hundreds of clients become authors and thought leaders with a variety of projects, including Women Innovators, Expert Profiles, and Raising the Bar, as well as podcasts, including Optimal Health, the Thought Leaders show, and others. 

Guaranteed TV from Dr. Tami Patzer and Blue Ocean Authority furnishes the groundwork for your quick transformation from budding author to influential figure. Recognizing the potential of appearing on local TV news and lifestyle shows, Dr. Patzer works on her clients’ groundwork and elevates their stature and credibility. Importantly, these appearances are guaranteed, diminishing the chasm between being booked and appearing on TV.

To secure an appearance, Dr. Patzer provides two options. First, she handles all processes, books the TV appearances, and provides training on how to maximize your impact. Alternatively, she provides training on how you can secure television appearances yourself. Both paths lead to profound transformations.

Above all, Dr. Tami Patzer is an authority that helps unleash others’ potential. Through her various engagements, she empowers individuals, setting them on a path to creating their desired future. Her work champions the growth mindset, inspiring individuals to take control of their lives and realize their aspirations. She helps her clients “create solid foundations, so they can focus on their core business and legacies.”

Dr. Patzer’s impactful teachings, innovative strategies, and nurturing mentorship are invaluable resources for anyone seeking to gain influence and authority and drive positive change. They are the compass guiding you toward becoming the beacon of influence in your industry. Be it through her work with Blue Ocean Authority, The Daily Success Institute, or her game-changing Guaranteed TV program, Dr. Tami Patzer stands as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of innovation, inspiration, and indomitable determination.

Discover the multifaceted world of Tamara Patzer by delving into her insights and expertise through various platforms. Visit her official website at www.tamipatzer to gain a comprehensive understanding of her work. Explore the Daily Success Institute for valuable resources and inspiration. For real-time updates and engaging content, connect with Tamara Patzer on her Facebook profile at These links serve as gateways to a wealth of knowledge and experiences curated by Tamara Patzer in the realms of success, business, and more.


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