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Valyou Furniture Pairs Up with Brooke Souza in Fun Viral Campaign

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. In the light of today’s new reality of dating and love finding, specialty furniture company Valyou is pairing up with Hawaiian bikini model Brooke Souza to launch a fun and quirky campaign called “Can You Charm Me?” this love month.

Together, Valyou Furniture and Brook Souza look to launch a February program to celebrate love month and build on the growing online dating trend. “With the effects that COVID-19 has had on dating and relationships, Valyou Furniture is aiming to creatively engage a generation that can see a tongue-in-cheek stance on ‘finding a connection’ online while engaging on social media generation who prefers to meet online,” shares Eddie Castillo, Valyou’s Marketing Director.

The campaign will encourage participants to share some of the best pick-up lines in their digital platforms’ comment sections. At the end of the program, one lucky winner will win a Charm 2.0, one of Valyou’s best-selling items. Twenty-four-year-old model Brook Souza will be one of the main influencers to help spread the word about the amazing offer. 

Valyou’s headquarters lie in the shopping district of Kapolei, Hawaii. While most of their operations and distribution have happened in the beautiful island paradise, the brand has also grown a national market as they gradually roll out a digital strategy that has proven to be more than effective. Valyou hopes to build its renown by continually releasing innovative designs that wow consumers everywhere. 

Valyou Furniture is a Hawaii-based furniture manufacturer and distributor that has built a distinction for its innovative and beautiful designs. The company aims to provide people everywhere with the best-designed furniture that fits both people’s budget and preference. It does this mainly by doing everything in-house, removing the middleman and delivering both quality and affordability for their customers. 

The furniture shop has paired up with Hawaiian entrepreneur, model, and influencer, Brooke Souza. Brooke is the owner of Boss Babe Bikinis, a swimwear brand that offers a line of modern bikinis and other summer collections to strong spirited and stylish females. The online business owner and social media influencer has created a brand that stands for beauty and confidence through the years, growing her platforms to over 120,000 followers to date.

The company’s uncanny approach to the furniture design industry has brought to life furniture selections that are both functional and beautiful. The Charm 2.0 is a solid example of their ingenious design capabilities. A bed with a Japanese design, the Charm requires just one screw, two hands, and five minutes to set up. It comes in two frame colors and four headboard colors which buyers can mix and match to their preference.

The Charm 2.0 also remains the centerpiece of the “Can You Charm Me?” campaign. The winner of the contest will also have the option to customize their prize. Before launching this new Valentine’s-themed campaign, Brooke and Valyou worked together to shed light on Mario, another bed design that has received raving reviews from happy clients all over the country. The company hopes to mimic or even surpass the success of the last campaign. 

“Can You Charm Me?” will run from February 8 to February 15. To stay updated on the campaign’s developments and check out more of Valyou’s highly sought-after items, visit the shop’s website , Instagram profile and pinterest profile


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