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World Premiere: Bill Abernathy's Heartfelt Single and Video "More" for Valentine's Day
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World Premiere: Bill Abernathy’s Heartfelt Single and Video “More” for Valentine’s Day

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Bill Abernathy is set to add another masterpiece to his illustrious music discography with the release of his latest single and music video, “More,” premiering worldwide on February 1st, 2023. The release, perfectly timed for the season of love, delves into an emotional exploration of commitment, relationships, and the unending search for true love.

Renowned for weaving captivating narratives and rich emotion through his soulful performances, Abernathy has intentionally crafted “More” as a profound reflection on our attitudes toward love and relationships. In his own words, Abernathy states, “Sometimes we get comfortable, we get complacent and stop striving for more. We take relationships for granted. Is there more? Can there be the Disney-Hallmark kind of love? Does it exist? Can you find it? One thing I know, you will never find what you’re not looking for. I can’t help but wonder if there could be more.”

It’s clear that this introspection is not merely confined to his lyrical prowess but also transitions into the musicality of the piece. The title track from his latest album, “More,” is a testament to Abernathy’s talents as both a songwriter and musician. The song was painstakingly produced in collaboration with Larry Gann, featuring the musical genius of Kevin Rogers on electric guitars, Craig Kew on bass and fretless bass, Alex Cordero on keyboards and strings, and Larry Gann on drums and percussion.

To further strengthen the song’s poignant message, the accompanying music video paints a picture that echoes the reflective lyrics. It presents a heart-rendering narrative of a couple pondering upon the existence and possibility of even deeper connection in their relationship. The video effortlessly navigates the essence of true love and the deliberate efforts invested in nurturing and maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

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This isn’t Abernathy’s first rodeo, though. His renowned artistry has rattled music charts internationally, with hits streaming millions of times across the globe. His last single, “Hide Away,” struck a chord with listeners earning the #1 spot on the UK iTunes Folk Rock Songs chart. Meanwhile, his current radio single, “Call Their Name,” is steadily making waves on the National Radio Hits Top 40 and AC radio charts, as well as on the New Music Weekly radio charts.

With “More,” Abernathy once again demonstrates why he is revered in the music industry. Harnessing the power of resilience and change, his music consistently resonates with listeners offering a transformative musical experience. Bill Abernathy’s eloquent tapestry of heartfelt and relatable music invariably captivates the hearts of his audience worldwide, and “More” promises to do just the same.

Fans and music enthusiasts are encouraged to join Abernathy on his musical journey. To stay updated on new releases and upcoming performances, visit and follow him on social media.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day and the spirit of love, Abernathy’s “More” invites us to reflect on our own relationships and continue our pursuit of ‘more’. Take to heart Abernathy’s poignant sentiment: “you will never find what you’re not looking for.” So, let us not become complacent, let’s continue striving for the depth and connection that transcends the ordinary and makes love truly magical.

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